Bristol-Myers Squibb works to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients

Bristol-Myers Squibb works to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients

It is celebrated on February 4th every year World Cancer Day With the aim of highlighting this battle and reducing the number of avoidable deaths each year through public awareness.

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But one of the things we must understand is that when we talk about cancer, we are not talking about one disease, but rather more than 200 different diseases that fall under that name. according to International Agency for Research on CancerNearly 18.1 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed worldwide in 2020, and this same report predicts that number will rise over the next two decades to 27 million.

Cancer in Spain

For many years, cancer has been one of the main concerns of the Spanish health system, and is the second cause of death after circulatory diseases. according to Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN), the total estimated caseload for 2022 was 280,100, of which 160,066 were in men and 120,035 were in women.

Lung Cancer Prevention: #UnfilteredConversations

These numbers are expected to continue to rise, and the infection rate in Spain in 2040 is expected to reach 341,000 cases. Despite these data, the survival rate has increased to 55% among cancer patients in our country. This increase in hope is due to several factors, from the degree of effectiveness of prevention policies to the combination of growing knowledge in molecular biology and the emergence of new diagnostic tests. The support of the pharmaceutical industry in the past two decades has facilitated the development of advanced treatments such as biological therapies, immunotherapies, or cell therapies. These advances in personalized treatment for many types of cancer have increased chances of survival and improved quality of life.

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BMS, Advances in Innovation

Innovation plays an essential role in the fight against cancer, which is why support from the pharmaceutical industry is essential. As an example, Bristol-Myers Squibb has been conducting oncology research for nearly 30 years to foster innovation and change patients' lives. As a result of these efforts, the pharmaceutical company has more than a decade changed the paradigm of oncology with immunotherapy, making it a leader in immuno-oncology. Alfredo Alonso, Director of Oncology at BMSExplain what “It is a matter of pride to contribute to the advancement of science. At BMS we work tirelessly with an unbreakable commitment to innovation to ensure that all people affected by cancer have a better future..

In this regard, it is worth noting that the pharmaceutical company is a leader in three main areas: cell therapy, immuno-oncology, and protein degradation. Its commitment to the fight against cancer has been embodied through a variety of products, demonstrating long-term survival benefits in various types of tumors. Bristol-Myers Squibb also treats early-stage cancer in pre- and post-surgical settings and has demonstrated the benefit of early-stage immunotherapy in 4 resectable tumor types: melanoma, non-squamous non-small cell lung, and carcinoma. Bladder and esophageal cancer. But in addition to improving patient survival and quality of life in tumors where drugs have already proven effective, the company is investigating different indications and new oncology therapies to meet the unique and changing needs of patients. “It's possible,” Alfredo adds. “Thanks to advances in technology and diagnostics that make it possible to leverage translational medicine, data analysis and artificial intelligence to figure out how we can deliver the right drug to the right patient at the right time to achieve the best outcomes.”.

Prevention is the first step

In addition to focusing on research and development of treatments in the fight against cancer, the pharmaceutical industry is interested in implementing measures that help prevent serious diseases. Physical exercise is the key to living a healthy life and contributing to physical and mental health. Some research suggests physical exercise as a possible adjuvant treatment that has an effect on the development, growth, or spread of tumors. In addition, recent studies show that people with more active lives and who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer.

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From this standpoint, the company launched the campaign “The science that moves us”This aims to promote sports and physical activity in society and among patients suffering from serious diseases such as cancer. This, as Alfredo Alonso points out, “There is no better treatment than prevention, and exercise is a great ally in preventing diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.”. This initiative was born to improve the health and lives of the community, with a special focus on patients with diseases such as cancer and young people, because by educating the community, we will invest in a healthier future.

As Alfredo Alonso explains, “We are known for our strong legacy and leadership in innovation, being pioneers in the search for a cure for cancer and supporting patients beyond treatment.”.

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