Paolo Carolo: Age, Height, Parents, Job, Wife

Paolo Carolo: Age, Height, Parents, Job, Wife

It is quite possible that this name will not tell you anything, but we are sure that if we told you the name of the wife, everything would be much clearer. It really is Paulo Carolo and the Myriam Lyon’s husband.

Do you want to know more about it? Let’s see some details in this article.

Paolo Carolo: Age

Myriam Lyon’s husband is He was born in CaltagironeIt is an Italian municipality located in the province of Catania. His exact date of birth is unknown, someone claims that he is the same age as his wife, and therefore he was born there 1985And I have 37 years. Unfortunately we don’t have many other details on this topic.

Paolo Carolo: Height

Although we do not know the exact date of birth, we can say that the man is tall 1.78 cm and weights approx 75 kg

Paolo Carolo: Parents

Unfortunately we don’t have much news about the Paolo Carolo family and their parents. The man is, in fact, one a very special person, a factor ruling out the possibility of obtaining more details about his private life. From the very beginning, when he started his relationship with Myriam Lyon, the two tried to keep their relationship and biographical details private.
Therefore, we have no information about the names and the profession that the man’s parents practiced.

Paolo Carolo with his wife Myriam Leon

Paolo Carolo: work

However, despite the secrecy of the man and the couple, we know that the husband of the former Miss Italy is working inside financial business She is an associate partner at Aliante Partners, where she handles development. His work is the result of years of study and constant commitment, and after completing high school the guy moved to Milan to be able to enter the University of Economics from which he later graduated.

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Plus, he’s also a musician. In fact, in his spare time Plays DJ Band Apple Jack With his dear friend Matteo Roveda. The band often participated in various festive evenings, such as those organized by Armani.

Paolo Carolo: wife

And the wife? Well, we definitely know a lot about her. really man the husband Former Miss Italy, Myriam Lyonalso Sicily.
The two probably met and met in 2018, the year they never broke up. And indeed, after two years of relationship, the two decided to get married, a marriage that surprised everyone, because it was so unexpected. The wedding was celebrated in Scicli at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria La Mola il September 18, 2020.

Paolo Carolo: Social Contacts

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