He was only 41 years old – Corriere.it

He was only 41 years old – Corriere.it
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The artist was performing in Paris and fell ill: efforts to save him were futile

Matt on stage, during a concert in Paris, Haitian singer Mikabeen: He was only 41 years old. The artist suddenly collapsed while performing, possibly due to a heart attack: he died after suffering a heart attack and despite the efforts of the emergency services, the organizers of the event, which took place at the Accor Arena, east of Paris. . From the videos posted on social networks, you can see the artist who, during the live broadcast, suddenly turns around to leave the stage, but collapses to the floor. Several witnesses said the party stopped and the venue was immediately evacuated.

The stage name of Michael BenjaminMcCabein was born in Port-au-Prince in 1981, the son of Haitian singer Lionel Benjamin. He was a singer, composer and producer: a young and very talented artist, the Haitian Prime Minister wrote on Twitter. Ariel HenryExpressing his condolences on the disappearance. For rapper Wycliffe Jane, McCain was one of the most influential and inspiring young artists of our generation.

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