“Chemistry Lessons” Bonnie Jarmus. The story of the young Elizabeth Zott between science and cooking programs

“Chemistry Lessons” Bonnie Jarmus.  The story of the young Elizabeth Zott between science and cooking programs


“I tell women to never feel inferior and to move forward as I have always done: combative, full of self-confidence and respectful of colleagues and/or opponents, but relentless in the face of any disregard for their work.”

These are the words From astrophysicist Margarita Hackbut they can also be the protagonist’s characters Bonnie Jarms chemistry Elizabeth Zote.

Elizabeth works inHastings Research Institute in California, Strongly male-dominated environment, where his undeniable talent is weakened and exploited, not recognized and encouraged. In 1952, a good-looking young woman of marriageable age is expected to give up work to start a family, not because she pretends to do scientific research and doesn’t sully words, but outspoken and resolute Elizabeth. Not willing to compromise And he goes on his way despite envy and slander him.

Only one person in the lab seems to view her as a passionate and talented scientist: Calvin Evans The genius of chemistry with which everyone admires and deals with, and with which a very strong understanding is born, not only of a professional nature.

However, Zott is not destined for a quiet life, sheltered from disappointments, and soon after she finds herself Without a job, she has a daughter to support. He ended up agreeing to join a TV cooking show, where he publishes science alongside preparing stews and soups, and tries to encourage women to see beyond the openwork curtains of their kitchen windows, to believe in their abilities, not to be limited to a successful dinner or a well-stitched hem.

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hard to resist A disrespectful and stubborn character like Elizabeth Zotein a novel that makes you smile and move at the same time, and touches on the most important issues related to gender inequality.

The protagonist lives in the fifties of the last century, but many issues, such as wages, Unfortunately it is still open today. The topic of the relationship between women and science is especially important, given that the hero is a scientist and struggles to establish herself in an environment of men only, who are unaware of the merits and are ready to fit the results of her research for nothing. precipitation.

After Elizabeth do not give up and keep on wondering What would the world be like if all men took women seriously and did not underestimate them, if women did not accept the pre-packaged roles of living quietly or of comfort or of insecurity.

“Whenever you get scared, remember: Courage is the foundation of change and change is what we chemically aspire to. So, when you wake up in the morning, stick with this commitment: Just stop.”

The Commission

“Chemistry Lessons” by Bonnie Jarmes, Rizzoli, 2022, p. 464.

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