What is changing this summer – Libero Quotidiano

What is changing this summer – Libero Quotidiano

risk that Our summer trip has been cancelled In the past there. Indeed, airline protests continue, often causing flight cancellations or delays. At Milan Malpensa Airport alone, there are about a dozen canceled flights, with pilots and flight attendants deciding to stay on the ground. Among the companies most at risk Ryanair, easyJet and Volutia.

The Uiltrasporti Association commented: “In particular in relation to EasyJet, the importance of our claims was also acquitted by the BustoArsizio court ruling indicting the company for its anti-union behaviour”, Nation Then add that me unjustified dismissal It must be withdrawn and a confrontation must be made within the company.

Arms are also crossed for Volutia and Ryanair. In the summer, when Italians and foreigners are ready to travel, trips risk being too few. A situation that also affects the cost of tickets, and therefore it can rise significantly. “In recent days, European airlines have canceled about 41 thousand flights for the summer period, 6.5 million tickets cut, denounced the Codacons. Among the reasons, the cut of airport staff, which is necessary to manage passengers, ensure safety on the ground, and sort luggage. That’s why you should always check your ticket and check that there are no changes in progress for those dates.

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