The audience is mad with joy

The audience is mad with joy

A new season of one of the most popular popular series is about to return. It will start again on RAI 1 and wait a lot. The crowd is crazy with joy and it’s so close. Below, in the next paragraph, we’ll reveal which soap we’re talking about and let you know when it’s back on the air.

Back on the Air: Season Eight on RAI

Less and less and there will be a new season. We’ll have to wait a few more months. We are talking about Ladies’ paradise which reached its eighth season. The new season will be broadcast on RAI 1 from September 11 or 18. The exact date remains uncertain and it is certainly one of these two dates.

Wait a few more months and the heroes of the soap will return to the small screen. Fans are waiting to find out what will happen to Vitorio and his team. In fact, after the Milano Moda exhibition opens, there will be some news. We will also find out what secret the Countess keeps.

The latest episodes aired last May left everyone in suspense but to get answers you have to wait about 3 months. After the summer period, RAI will resume with news and new seasons. Ladies’ paradise He’s right on the list of those.

It’s still too early to tell what will be broadcast but it’s definitely there Italian soap will be back. With the various changes at Viale Mazzini, not everything is decided yet. Not only in the programming of Italian TV series but also in the programs that undergo many changes in management. But let’s see some previews of the soap below.

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Plots and anticipation of ladies’ paradise

Like we said Ladies’ paradise It ended up with many question marks. In about 3 months it will resolve and you will be able to tell what happened. Filming has been going on since May 30 Broadcast is already scheduled. The Countess’s secret is expected to be revealed almost immediately, already in one of the first episodes.

What is Adelaide hiding? And maybe Umberto is also involved in this mystery? For now, you can only do some Speculation about what will happen in September And those who have followed all the episodes will have formed their own idea that they will be able to discover if it is true only in a few months.

In addition to Vittorio and the Countess Even Ezio would be able to leave you speechless. In fact, after discovering that it was Veronica who forced Gloria into retirement, she has a change of heart. It is not excluded that he could part with this once and for all in order to be able to return to his true love, who is in the United States, his wife.

If Ezio can leave Milan, he won’t be part of the champions who stay instead who we just finished seeing. Among them are certainly: Umberto, Marcello, Adelaide, Vittorio, Matilda and Tancredi. Among the other characters who probably won’t even appear in this series is Salvo. And you will also remain in the shadows this time.

In fact, he will not be a regular presence in the series and his character has been relegated to minor roles. This thing is also rumored on the web. Farther and farther away and on the sidelines, who knows if it could be the last season for him. But we have to wait and see What the authors have in store for all of us.

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