Don Matteo 13, Terrence Hill’s farewell awaits Raul Bova

You have to wait all the time bet An hour and 41 minutes later, after the case was resolved before the police, Don Mateo He turns off the light, checks that everything in the house is OK, and takes one last look at the sleeping boys. Then he enters the church silently. He caressed the benches, his eyes filled with tears sitting in front of the wooden cross. He stares at him and looks for another answer. Then he went to the door, accompanied by two men, and a black car was waiting for him and swarmed into the night. Who i am? Was it forced to go up or was it a date? But above all: will he return?

Raoul & amp;  Terence, two don

Raul and Terence, two Dons

The ways of imagination are endless: Terence Hill He leaves the scene after 22 years of honorable service, starting on April 28 in the Rai 1 series Raul Bovathat’s by saying Don Massimo, a handsome priest with an adventurous past, prefers motorbikes over bicycles. The changing of the guard among the detective priests in Spoleto is a novelty of the season.

Meanwhile, in the episode So close so farseen Thursday night – the crime of a separate receptionist, where the half-brother of Nardy evening (Maurizio Lastrico) – Everything is played on a sentimental comedy. The Czech Marshal (Nino Frasica) on everyone’s lips for an online novel featuring a man marshal jekini, with a G, it sums all the colors. from his books? The marshal suspects everyone, even the little carabinieri, but she is the woman who knows him well, Pamela Villoresimother Captain Anna Oliveri (Tasty Maria Chiara Janita) He wants to punish him for his neglect. An incurable chauvinistic man.

The cast of the thirteenth season

The cast of the thirteenth season

He thinks that he is a priest, and he never tells her “I love you”, so he makes him laugh, reveals his flaws, and changes – in the novel about which the whole country is now talking – the names of the characters, which are very well known. Don Mateo wrestling with an issue Pamela, the receptionist was found dead; She had gone to him to confess, but she ran away. He changed his mind. As a vigilant observer, he understands thanks to an image that has something to do with the contaminated land behind his murder, quotes Cain and Abel (“The Lord not only forgives you, but also protects you”). Behind the indescribable smile sows anxiety, when Captain Oliveri Asking him about his travels (“You’ve been all over the place, don’t you miss this life?”), he replied, “We all have a troubled heart that drives us to leave and never shows us happiness, even when we do . . before our very eyes.”

The old cassette and the inseparable bike

The old cassette and the inseparable bike

The audience was very fond of Terence Hill, for his patchwork chariot has never changed in all these years; The actor was also very attached to the character that he penned himself. A cowboy priest, generous and never judgmental. And on social networking sites, his exit from the scene is accompanied by sad faces and hearts, wishing “that.” Raoul On an equal footing “.

hill Lux Vide was asked to shoot four episodes a year, “Like Montalbanobut the manufacturer Luca Bernabé explained that “Don Mateo It is an industrial process, a long sequence, a complex machine. You can’t just do four episodes.” Don Massimo He arrives and brings his story and experience, but there are those who are willing to bet on it Terence Hill She may appear again, perhaps in some episodes, next season. Spoleto back and forth, imagination works wonders.

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