“Restorations – between science and knowledge” Terlizzi remembers Angelo and Giuseppe Schiaparino – GiovinazzoLive.it

“Restorations – between science and knowledge” Terlizzi remembers Angelo and Giuseppe Schiaparino – GiovinazzoLive.it

Last year, two extraordinary restoration craftsmen left us in Bolivia: Giuseppe and Angelo Schiaparino, both from Terlizzi. The first son of the second, a pupil of the techniques and concepts which, as often happens in many biographies of artists, made him a master in turn. Giuseppe left early, at the age of forty-seven, but in his youth he already had a rich and valuable curriculum of experience and professional service behind him, which made him as popular and respected as his father, a talented restorer in service on the Technical Supervisory Authority. and the cultural heritage of Bari. Both passionate about their work, endowed with the intuition and experience of recognizing the value of artists and their work, they have contributed no small part to the preservation and restoration of masterpieces of ancient art both for the church world and for setting institutions and private collectors.

Two days of general meetings are devoted to them, next April 14 and 15, between discussions and presentations of the restored works, which see the interaction of the Diocese of Molfetta-Ruffo-Terlizzi-Giovinazzo together, the Diocese Museum of Molfetta, Pinacoteca “Michele di Napoli “of Terlizzi, and the Cultural Association Un Panda sulla Luna and the cooperative FeArT, sponsored by Terlizzi Municipality. An opportunity to assess the state of restoration art in our region, with the intervention of experts and directors of public bodies and religious institutions.


Friday April 14th – 7.30pm – Pinacoteca di Napoli
The round table was moderated by journalist Vito Marinelli and words:
Fabrizio Fonnaformer supervisor of artistic and historical heritage;
Francis Ballouart historian and director of the Pinacoteca de Napoli;
Don Michele AmorosiniDirector of the Cultural Heritage Office and Diocesan Museum in Molfetta.
Institutional salutation Michelangelo de Chirico – Mayor of Terlizi

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Saturday 15th April – 7.30pm – Church of Santa Maria la Nova
Divine Liturgy for Suffrage by Angelo and Giuseppe Schiaparino.
After showing the course of restoration of frescoes in the convent by architect Vincenzo De Chirico and Francesco De Nicolo, art historian.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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