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Are we tired of men?

There is something terribly wrong with the situation philosophical We are witnessing: the radical loss ofhumanity. One has no idea and has no idea what is lost but it is lost. not part of province. Man is lost, from food to the culture. It’s not about existence Deniers of their time, “sorry” pastOpponents of change and the future. It is the truth. Not only do we deny ourselves, we are hostile For those who deny that we are going to the solution. In fact, when speaking of decay, one considers solvent. But what is left of humanity? there the culture classic Vanished along with classical languages, history and historyartBasis Civilization. PhilosophyFor example, it should, in some ways, nurture everyone method The school Also professional.

A teacher who is passionate about his discipline attracts students. Teaching is not one Management bureaucracy. This is humanity. The value of the inner human being graduated, not the value of the tool, from Halfsubordinate Technique. When technology becomes a value in itself, man ends and civilization ends. Society exists: utilitarian tech conglomerates, and bad fundamentalist of our time. We rush toward society by abandoning civilization, the opposite way. We have gone from societies to civilizations. We pass from civilization to societies, utilitarian aggregates. Not the glorification of science, which is amazing, but the glorification of existing technology decay Science, it’s destroying us. Technology, if it is brilliant in science, it becomes religious sect By itself, if it is lostcognitive sideThe investigator who gives her the flag. Thus, it becomes an instrument of abstract power that serves as an abstract Energy. The sheer horror of our time (“I deserve it in so far as I am superior in technical strength”) is the terror of error. Strength is divided by the quality of the endings, not others finishIt can destroy the kind man.

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The power of this technique is as destructive as its explanatory head. It would be true that a building would have to be destroyed, but it is not certain that it builds favorably, and some destruction is quite frustrating. This is what happens. The method tries and tests its own eligibility – eligibility Destructive and restorative. up or down minimum standard qualitative (I insist that the dichotomy between technical strength and quality is what makes our age so problematic). We separate strength from the quality of strength, as long as there is strength, strength is good in itself, I repeat. Of course, the ability to transform one food into another is a display of technical strength but is essential if the transformation is perceptible. Arouse Man WomanA man who gives birth is a harbinger, but he deserves or creates one Mess Psychophysicsapparently the purpose of this chimerism today? We risk deteriorating the pride of technological power that is not placed under human control.

Technology as a preferred indicator of society destroys freedom democracy because he ignores Quality Basim performance effective. Mechanistic rationality, the relationship between means and ends, ignores the real question posed for millennia by intrinsic rationality: what means to what ends. Insist on democracy, on freedom: if a technical tool is necessary and its power is reduced, freedom and democracy have no value the society. The value of the company lies in the strength of the technology that, in the event of a very bloody accident, can even apply its power to its own companies, for example trying to persuade the company to suffer medicineto attack a the enemyto bear evils in the name of evil pioneer, and so on. This is the evil lurking in angry tech achievements, which can wipe out any of them the particle for the individual.

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A suitable one is needed opposition Humanitarian. there the culture classic give theopposite The primacy of qualitative technology, as a value in itself, is strength absolute. Humanity addresses the crucial question of technology: to what end does technical power, to try itself, to prove its own power Domain Without asking which domination you want to impose? Indeed: we are at the forefront of cliff: To glorify the alternate ability we have been able to conquer without emphasizing whether this conquest was a decadence or not, but to brag about it because it triumphs. We managed to give birth to a man. Is it an achievement, but is it a humiliating achievement? Not? discuss. Here is humanity, do not assume that result Superior From this technique is itself one win over to estimate. There are amazing and valuable technological feats. This does not absolve them of blame worst And above all this standard Rule my review It is based on the exclusive primacy of artistic performance.

What then is humanity? It is the intentional belief that one appreciates a man on his own the interior cultural EthicsAnd the aesthetics. Out of the self that came from the self. There are no additional external results. Even if additional (technical) discoveries are man’s invention, they can invalidate them in pure use efficiency, even a substitute for human capabilities, for an expressive interior. if it was mechanism translate for me a foreign language, I Because I don’t know a foreign language. If the integration tool is different a Song musical notes with some surprisingly beautiful variants, and I weave them to synthesize from words And there are phrases or verses that you admire, because I am not musician or instrumentalist or Poet. There are aversive risks, not Superman Like overcoming a man in himself by himself but as a superman like exterminating man is replaced by highly efficient technology, along with strength States As a technological supremacy ends in existence dominion army.

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Technology proud of changing temper nature, natural and human, not an addition but a substitute for man, a man who does not need the interior, a state that dominates both internally and externally in its technological perfection. The Point From Origin: Elimination of human esotericism. There will be amazing achievements. But if it is not from within the human being, it will be fatal to the human being. So long as it is possible, it is necessary to revitalize the aesthetic-moral civilization of man which is internally valid and not technology, which, without the value of the inner man, suit to me nothing. know that cliff It is not enough to say that we are free and democratic Westerners But: What is inner luxury?european manToday, what relationship do you have with culture, with art, what weight does the value of technology, whether utilitarian or military, have in determining its value, it has become fond of From tech ready for each experiment: nutrition, hereditaryAnd the Sexual As it happens, in both of them (confusion Of the peoples, whether they want to save their civilization or not, admire the aristocracy of spirit or want to focus exclusively on the power of technology.

Technology, as an absolute value, is not a sign of a society that can be called civilization. It’s just strength and a workout additional human beings It’s the first club in new I was Transgenic. The latest anti-humanity discovery is the cultural negation between Europe western And the Russia. Anti-humanism was not enough. What is happening? We want to empty the guy, we’re tired we themselves Q: Is anyone tired of men? From?

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