The entire program in the Botanical Garden from April 22 to May 8 2022 Events in Padua

The entire program in the Botanical Garden from April 22 to May 8 2022 Events in Padua

The long-awaited date at the Botanical Garden is back waking upthe festival dedicated by the University of Padova to curiosity and science: a large program of Italian and international guests that honors nature and invites us to reflect, alternating between entertainment and information, on our role in its preservation.

free nature

After two editions marked by online meetings and outdoor events during the summer season that took into account the limits imposed by the pandemic, in 2022 the event returns to being as usual in the middle of spring to celebrate the awakening of nature along with nature. General. The leitmotif of this seventh edition, free natureis an invitation to return to fully experience the world around us, in the light of a new awareness: that we are a multiple identity, our choices regarding key issues such as energy production, land consumption, mobility, waste disposal and the use of natural resources necessarily affect the entire biosphere.

800 years of the University of Padova

This year’s festival coincides with the celebrations in the Arab Republic of Egypteight hundred years From the University of Padua (1222-2022), developed in four tracks (Free ideas, free science, free nature And free arts) Which deviates perfectly from the university’s motto Universa Universa Batavina Libertas To reaffirm the fundamental principle of freedom in all areas and at the same time stimulate thinking about its various deviations.

Scientific Spring

The Padua Botanical Garden continues to be a huge hit with the public: from February to today, there have been 41,447 attendances; Especially in the past Easter holiday there were 7,039 visitors, a result higher than that of 2019 regarding the Easter holiday and an excellent omen for the start of the science grand tour from next May 21, the single ticket that joins on the occasion of the 19th century the Botanical Garden, Palazzo Bo, the Hall of Giants, the Archaeological Museum of Liviano, the Museum of Geography, and the Pollini History of Physics Museum, and the Bernardi Machines Museum. Meanwhile, from April 22 to May 8, the Padua Botanical Garden Festival is being awakened to open the Scientific Spring of the University of Padua (

Three weekends

appointments from Awakening 2022 divided into three consecutive weekends (From 22 to 24 AprilAnd April 29 – May 1And From 6 to 8 May), presenting concerts, performances, workshops, conferences, guided tours and many other activities aimed at a broad and heterogeneous audience, united by the desire to learn to observe the infinite relationships between living things with new eyes.

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World Earth Day

World Earth DayAnd Friday April 22will be the setting for the preview event of the festival ask green, interview program without effect thanks to Mulino ad Arte’s innovative “Pedal Theater”, a fun and engaging experience that will be streamed live on RAI Play. On the same day, there are also free guided tours at 3, 4 and 5 pm.

Even outside the botanical garden

the festival waking up Crossing the boundaries of the garden: an absolute novelty compared to previous versions represented by the announcement of the trip Arte Sila In the majestic forest near Borgo Valsugana (TN). Accompanied by the Botanical Garden Guides and Arte Sylla, the participants will participate, Sunday 24 AprilOn a walk from the artworks of Villa Strobelli, through the natural beauty of the new Montura Trail (4km long and suitable for all ages), you’ll arrive in Malga Costa for a private guided tour, between art and nature.

the program

the program from Awakening 2022 It proposes a rich program of day and evening events where poetry, music, theater and literature attempt to tell the different aspects of our relationship with this planet. Among these, the conference exhibition of the Turin Group Eugenio in Via de Goya In an interview with a science journalist Andrea Vico On the theme of sustainability, an evening inspired by the legend of Demeter with Lucilla JignoniAnd Alessio Torino And Cristina del Acqua in partnership with varianceTheatrical performances art mill With Ugo Dejero Based on Teatro DelorsaPoetry competition animated by Lorenzo MaragoneAnd artist, artist and Italian champion 2021 hair peace. For the little ones and their families, the lab game is inspired by Friends in the gardenwhich is the latest book by Editoriale Scienza published in collaboration with the Botanical Garden, and theatrical performances of AIDA . FoundationAnd Alcantara theaterAnd Novi TeatroAnd INTI.

as part of Scientific Publication MeetingsItalian and international experts will try to answer the big questions about nature and the environment. The world of behavior will enter Emmanuel Boydibatscience journalist Francesca Bonincontibiologists Paula Bonfant And Mauro MandrioliVet Claudia Gilly botanists Renato Bruni And special manliophysicists Antonello Pasini And Piero Martingeographer Franco Farinelli.

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Throughout the festival, the Botanical Garden will also host originals artistic creations. In the lobby of the hall you can visit the exhibition giant insects suggest it ephemeral machinesa selection of resin models of insects by the Polish sculptor Lorenzo Busenti Their work, also featured on the Biodiversity Garden Greenhouses Tour, can be appreciated in museums around the world. In the arid greenhouse there will be an interactive installation coral sound Edited by Rocco Papia and International Sonic Reuse ArtWorkShopContributed by Culturara / Casa della Cultura Italo Calvino, which allows you to explore the landscape of marine sound in a multisensory way through the creative reuse of waste.
Finally, from April 29 to May 1, the Italian artist Egon It will be shown live, with the participation of an audience waking upMural work inspired by the theme free nature.

special guests

special guests from Awakening 2022 will be the Muse – Science Museum Trento and PARCO NATURA VIVA Bussolengo (VR) with ARCA مؤسسة Foundation, which will provide fun activities related to the animal world and electricity production. The MAcA – Museum A as an Environment Turin with laboratories and experiments on environmental sustainability.

Fun educational activities

The weekends will be moved on April 30 – May 1 and May 7 – 8 depending on the originals Leisure and educational activities From the Pleiadi and Le Nuvole for Botanical Garden, dedicated to young visitors and their families: numerous workshop proposals and an original treasure hunt to learn to observe nature, explore its mechanisms and represent it through artistic expression.


From April 30 to May 8, it will also be possible to participate for free in Tours From the Botanical Garden, Tuesday through Friday at 5 p.m., and on weekends, at five different times of the day. Expert nature guides will lead visitors to discover the expanses ofHorts cinctus A biodiversity garden among the colors and scents of spring.

last date

Festival closing Sunday May 8entrusted to the extraordinary notes of vegetable orchestra From Vienna, a group of musicians from different artistic backgrounds who will play wonderful musical instruments made of fresh fruits and vegetables (celery guitars, carrot flutes, pumpkin drums…), and get sounds ranging from free jazz to dubbing, to experimental electronics.

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waking up 2022 is an initiative 800 yearsthe event program created with the help of Kariparo Foundation And Padova Chamber of Commercemain sponsor Eurointerim SpA


The full program of the festival and all information about reservation procedures, admission tickets and special tickets waking up They can be consulted at:

Activities reservations are available from:

  • April 13 for first weekend events (From 22 to 24 April)
  • April 21 for all other events (April 29 – May 1 And From 6 to 8 May)

web information

University of Padova

organized by
Botanical Garden of the University of Padova

with a contribution
Kariparo Foundation
Padova Chamber of Commerce

main sponsor
Eurointerim SpA

in partnership with
Arte Sylla, Contrasto, Physicians from Africa CUAMM, MUSE Science Museum, Parco Natura Viva – ARCA Foundation


Alessio Torino

Alcantara theater

Andrea Vico

Antonello Pasini


Barbara Baldan

Claudia Gilly

Chiara de Benedetto

Cristina del Acqua

Daniel Ronko


Elena Canadelli

Emmanuel Boydibat

Eugenio in Via de Goya

AIDA . Foundation

Francesca Pocaglito

Francesca Boninconti

Franco Farinelli

chandeliers group


ephemeral machines


Lorenzo Maragone

Lorenzo Busenti

Lucilla Jignoni

MAcA Museum as an environment

special manlio

maribia de conto

Mattia Sobelsa

Mauro Mandrioli

art mill

Novi Teatro

International Sonic Reuse Workshop

Paula Bonfant

Piero Martin

Renato Bruni

Rocco Papia

Sarah Galli

Teatro Delorsa

vegetable orchestra

Ugo Dejero

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