OSV “Meet” with Tchaikovsky – Diari de Terrassa

OSV “Meet” with Tchaikovsky – Diari de Terrassa

Under a stick Xavier Puig,l’Valles Symphony Orchestra It presents one of the most important and influential works in the Romantic symphonic repertoire: “Symphony No. 5“L Tchaikovsky.

This will be on Friday from eight in the evening Ferran Alberich Like a baritone

This piece is considered a masterpiece that captures the essence of human emotions with unparalleled strength and passion.

Composed between The years 1888 and 1889Its majestic and intense introduction takes us on an exciting musical journey. From its first notes, an atmosphere of melancholy and contemplation is created, revealing the emotional depth that characterizes this work.

Tchaikovsky’s “Symphony No. 5” is an unforgettable work, full of emotion, intensity and emotion. Through her movements, she transports the listener to an inner world full of emotions and surrounds us with her timeless beauty.

The program includes “La nuit et l’amour” by Augusta Holmes, as well as several pieces by Gustav Mahler.

Give a dance

After the fantastic visit of the Ailey II dance company last weekend, as well as the classical show that brings a regular entity to Terrassa as OSV, the activity will then be moved until mid-June. It will be Saturday the 17th when the Rambla Theater welcomes its “resident” company – so to speak. In other words: PAR in Dance, also known as the High Performance Program.

Up to 17 dancers from the training school Cultural Lafact will explain”the four Seasons“, with choreography byIlya Givoy. This work is the result of the union of several synergies in the work that converge in a wonderful result: the creative ability of the choreographer Elia Givoy, the wonderful music of the Baroque master Antonio Vivaldi, the correct revision by the British composer Max Richter and, finally, a selection of the best dancers produced by him. Ilya Givoy as himself.

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On stage, they will present an unprecedented show that combines classical and contemporary dance. The music itself also develops in the same way: Antonio Vivaldi He composed his famous piece “The Four Seasons” during the 18th century Max Richter He makes his own version of it Laney 2012.

It will be the end of the year for PAR students in dance.

L’OSV “meets” Txaikovsky

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