New technological equipment in more than 320…

New technological equipment in more than 320…

The General Directorate of Civic and Community Action of the Department of Social Rights has begun the process of refurbishing computers and implementing new technological devices in 143 civic and community facilities, in 112 security network points and in 68 Social and Family Affairs offices, spread throughout Catalonia.

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Xarxa Òmnia will have a range of robotic materials

The 112 Omni network points will contain new technological equipment, which will be distributed during 2024. This equipment refurbishment is part of the technological equipment supply project for the Department of Social Rights Management, within the framework of the European Union’s Next Generation Funds programme. The operation is led by the ICT Area of ​​the Department of Social Rights.

The refurbishment of these devices will be carried out in the coming months and will include replacing some of the existing ICT tools at each security point. The new set includes 9 digital tablets, 9 HDMI adapters, 9 tablet cases, 9 tablet screen protectors, 9 laptops, 9 RJ45 adapters, 9 mice, 1 printer, 1 external hard drive and 1 portable cart.

In addition, each Omnia point will also have one point Collection of supplementary and/or loan materials, Robotics group4 Mackie Mackie Standard, ON Empressura 3Dsome Virtual reality glasses I Accessibility materials.

A team composed of members of the General Directorate of Civil and Community Action, the Technical Office and the service provider developed a testbed at Punt Òmnia Colectic Raval and Punt Òmnia Sant Antoni, both in Barcelona, ​​to test the new devices, install them and calculate the time needed to prepare all the devices. Subsequently, the testing was expanded to include the Omnia Radia Perelman prison, located in the Ledonners prison, in San Juan de Villaturada.

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The three points had a few weeks to test the material with participants. It will be deployed to the rest of the security points until the end of July. Training for network staff on the new hardware, supplemental materials, and software use will begin in July and continue through the fall.

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Civic and community facilities renew technological materials

From the ICT area of ​​the Department of Social Rights, the supply of technological equipment and the implementation of new computer classrooms in 142 civic and community facilities are being carried out. The goal is to provide them with the tools to renew and extend existing equipment and in this way avoid technological obsolescence.

The kits you receive the equipment are:

  1. Core Activities Support Group: It will have a digital pad, a 65-inch smart TV, video cameras and tripods.
  2. Computer classroom set: 11 laptops, 11 mice, 11 headphones, headphone protectors, mobile device cart, 3D printers, projector and projector screen. It is received by those civic and community centers that do not have a computer room as a result of the agreement concluded between the General Directorate of Civic and Community Action and the Caixa Foundation, nor do they have a security point.

The centers in which it is located Youth programme And the Play and discover program They will receive a kit consisting of a digital whiteboard, a 65-inch smart TV, video cameras, tripods, sound boards, a synthesizer and a microphone.

Social and Family Affairs offices are revamping the queue management system

The 68 Social and Family Affairs (OASF) offices spread across the country will implement a new waiting management system with the installation of totem sale numbers and information screens. QR code and barcode readers will also be provided for each workplace. This investment, funded by Next Generation EU funds, will help to manage visits and inquiries to offices more efficiently.

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