A guide to weekend events

A guide to weekend events

What to do in Pescara and the surrounding area from September 22-24: Here’s a guide to this weekend’s events for you. Full list of events is available In this sectionBut below we present to you a selection of the most important ones.

Free time

“Al Florian Espace returns for the eighth year”European scenarios“. For those who like to drink there Abruzzo Gentian Gallery Which crosses the finish line of the third edition. But on the subject of books Leila Chimarelli The book “Daydreaming” is presented in Moscovo and Antonio Carlucci He talks about the novel “Fuggire” at the La Rocca Foundation, while Circolo Aternino hosts the 24th edition of Abruzzese Publishing Review And Cugnoli is waiting for you Night of books.

Who’s planning to watch a movie? on this link He has the opportunity to recap all the showings scheduled in theaters in our county. In Aurum thereAbruzzo Economic Summit With Ministers Tajani, Vito and Orso. European Heritage Days 2023 is back Nociano and CivitacoanaBut also Pescara and Tocco da Casoria. Also not to be missed Blockchain Beach 2023 Grand Adriatico Hotel in Montesilvano.


The exhibitions held in recent days are certainly delicious. It can be visited at the Applause Museum until October 29.”Scozzari laughs againIn the Porto Allegro shopping center in Montesilvano there is a solo exhibition of Stefania La Greca Under the title “Art with Fashion,” the Paparella Museum presents Tricia.Gabriele D’Annunzio and his artists“. Paolo Delsi presents at the La Rocca Foundation with “Nocti“.

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Sabino Di Nicello is the protagonist of the space 16 Civico with “extinction“.At the Imago Museum, where the permanent exhibition is open to the public.”Mario Schifano. The triumph of Italian pop art“, you can also enter it”In the drawing garden“, dedicated to the great Spanish artist Juan Miro. Finally, they are waiting for you at the Maison des Arts.”The unexpected thrives. Art by Gaetano Palucia” And “The whole world of Guareschi“.

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