“The executioner. But do you know the laws?” – Free daily

“The executioner. But do you know the laws?”  – Free daily

In Italy, there are laws in force that a festival cannot violate: Maria Rita Gismondo, heard fromAdnkronos saluteHe has his say on the post my lady to San Remo. Until justice completes its investigations, the lady is an innocent citizen. The exclusion will be confirmation of A fair behaviour This does not belong to our democracy, ”continued the director of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Diagnostics of Vital Emergencies at the Sacco Hospital in Milan.

Madame, a singer competing in the upcoming edition of the festival, is involved in an investigation into fake Covid vaccines. The virologist and senator spoke yesterday about his participation in the event Andrew Crisanti And an infectious disease specialist Matthew Bassetti. The first asked to be excluded from the upcoming festival, while the second said, “Just look back.”

In particular, Crisanti spoke into microphones sheep day On Rai 1 Radio she made a comparison between Madame and a well-known athlete: “She should be excluded from San Remo Djokovic was also into tennisAnd again: it is a problem of lies, a question of civilization and example. I don’t know if this is a crime but it is morally unacceptable. On the other hand, Basetti has a different opinion: “Let us look forward and not backtrack and avoid speculation,” and then states that it should not be doctors and scientists who deal with the issue, but the judiciary: San RemoAs physicians, it is not our place to say. I think Crisanti deals with it San Remo as a politician.”

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