Hello Rome. The cry of the sixty thousand answers him

«Hello Roma“regards Bruce Springsteen, shirt and dark jeans, arriving just in time before sunset. The cry of the gods answered him Sixty thousand This crowd Circus Maximus (run out). And we start paying immediately My love will not let you down And Death to my countryan angry anti-war song, opened on Sunday, The second gig italian boss.

On stage with him, the musical Knights of the Apocalypse was formed gang streets: Piano and Synthesizer Roy Bittan, Nils Lofgren Guitar and Vocals, Patti Cialva Guitar and Vocals, Gary Talent Bass, Stevie Van Zandt Guitar and Vocals, Max Weinberg Drums, Susie Terrell Violin, Guitars and Vocals, Jake Clemons Saxophone and Charlie Giordano Keyboards.

on both sides of the stage media Italian and American. The two giant screens send images of Springsteen and the band playing song after song for three hours without stopping. Spectators allowing themselves to be surrounded by the irresistible energy that draws chains from the stage are also depicted. Among the audience are rock greats: the scorpionAnd Lars Ulrich metallica, Nick Mason And Nick Cave. There’s also actor Woody Harrelson, Thomas of Manskin, Chris Rock, Eduardo Leo, Luca Marinelli, and Giuseppe Battiston.

Invincible Bruce. for him 73 years old They leave marks on the face but do not affect the passion and power that Springsteen disperses throughout the concert. On the stage he is the first to enjoy dragging the troupe with the one who guides him with his gaze and does not spare any “incursions” into the crowd, along the side aisles and the central aisle rushing into the near-stage area. after Promised Land launch comesharmonicathis time the lucky winner is a father with a little boy in his arms who picks up the unexpected gift and gives it to his son.

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Live Concert isn’t just about rock and roll. Blues Jazz Openings Finally With Night shift affiliate brig (from their last cover album) Also Soul. “Shhh,” Bruce said to the audience, placing his finger to his lips. It’s the signal to attack Mary’s place A crescendo of piano, bass guitars and drums.

Never part with the guitar, he talks about his first band in 1965 (“I’ve been there for three years, for a boy it’s a whole life”) and talks about George TheisHis first teacher, who passed away in 2018: “He died shortly after writing this song.” It’s longing time The last steadfast men. Because the nightwritten to Patti Smithlive again with guitar prowess lofgren while Weinberg Hits the battery hard. No time to breathe, punctuated by applause from the audience, She is concerned. Springsteen “leads” the chorus of spectators Thunder Road The last song before the appearance sung by the 60,000: Immortal Born in the United StatesAnd Created to runAnd Glorious days (“Roma, are you sure you don’t want to go home?”) e Dancing in the dark.

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