Osimhen, sick football and clients are defined as “cancer”. De Laurentiis thunders from London

Osimhen, sick football and clients are defined as “cancer”.  De Laurentiis thunders from London

Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke to the Financial Times and as usual, the words of the Italian club's number one player were not trivial. Attacking football and agents, with also his thoughts on Osimhen's future: “Football is sick. But why is it sick? Because the economy of football is sick. Because the leagues and teams are not able to compete financially.” “From one point of view. In this way, the leagues are not productive enough. So every time, for example, UEFA says, well, now we are allocating 2.4 billion euros in the Champions League, and more than 500 million euros in the league.” Europe and the European League. “The Conference League is over €238 million. OK, I understand that. But if all the teams are in debt then that amount of money is not enough. So this is not sustainable football. Not only is it unsustainable, but we are also playing too many races.” . So when this happens, it's as if you're throwing everything away. You end up not engaging the audience anymore.”

“Football should be free for everyone. If you want to win back your audience, you should broadcast live on free TV. And you as a businessman should be the one who knows how to get massive publicity. It is also important how football is shown. Not only In stadiums that in Italy are considered dilapidated and uncomfortable for the crowd. I'm also talking about television: it's not possible for the images in Formula 1 to make me think I'm in the driver's seat, and that's not the case in football. I like to choose my records, and I always say that by example How to broadcast the match is the World Cup final between Argentina and France.But football is also outdated as a game: you have to sit at a table and think, but our circus is a big circus where you cannot stop thinking, and therefore you cannot rebel.

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Then he added in another passage: “Agents are the cancer of football. The refereeing class must depend on the clubs, which must dialogue with them so that they are not a class but collaborators – as he says about whistles -. There is no way for a referee to send off a player.” trainer. Football looks like a joke because of this.”

Then to Osimhen“He is a great player but we know: Napoli is a great place. There are some players who fall in love and stay there like Hamsik for 11 years. Or like others for eight years. There are others who are attracted to Real Madrid.” “, Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea. So you can't stop them, especially when they have a release clause that they can buy with.”

still: “He has a release clause in his contract. It is a very high number (130 million euros, editor). Will he leave? We will see. Money is the last problem for Napoli. We have always made excellent signings as we have done in the past. “We will do that in the future as well. “When you see a player leave, you are happy even if that son has had great success everywhere.”

De Laurentiis finally spoke about possible participation in the new Club World Cup to be held in the summer of 2025: “If we beat Barcelona and then have a win or a draw, then surely we should go to the Club World Cup and not Juventus. But I think Napoli should go anyway, because if Juventus is out of the European Cups, they should not go.” To participate in the Club World Cup.

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