FIBA Basketball World Cup Italy loses to the Dominican Republic: follow the live broadcast

FIBA Basketball World Cup Italy loses to the Dominican Republic: follow the live broadcast

Manila (Philippines) – After an impressive debut against Angola, Bouzecco’s Italy fell in their second World Cup match to the Dominican Republic. At Araneta Coliseum in Quezon, the Blue Quintet got off to a great start with a 12-0 record. The Caribbeans reacted, made up for the gap and in the third quarter of the match put a mortgage on the final victory. The Azzurri now qualify for the final match scheduled for Tuesday, against its host, the Philippines.


The words of the assistant coach Casaloni

“The ratios didn’t help us, the Dominican Republic had a strong reaction, Our shooting percentages were not high. At that point we struggled to hold our opponents, who are a world class team. We had a great reaction, even goal difference can matter. Bouzico fired? It was a tough match, with a lot of contact. The boys played a great game, trying to win the game until the end. Now let’s think about the PhilippinesAnd let’s move forward.”


Datome: “Let’s think about the match against the Philippines”

At the end of the match Gigi Datome spoke. “It’s a pity to lose, they started well. Now we have to think about the next match against the Philippines. We have to be more careful not to get nervous, we were good to get back to -5. All matches should be closed.” played as decisive matches. Now let’s think about the next game.”


Italy, qualifying through the third challenge

Next Tuesday, the Italian national team will play the third match in the group against its host, the Philippines. In Manila, in front of 20,000 fans, Bouziku’s men will have to try to achieve a success worthy of qualifying for the second stage of the World Cup.

12:00 pm

Italy-Dominican Republic 82-87

Game over. The Dominicans win by digging a crucial gully in the third quarter only to be called off. In the final, the Azzurri managed to reopen the game when the clock was already running in favor of the Caribbean

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11:57 am

Italy-Dominican Republic 82-85

Italy reopens the game


Italy-Dominican Republic 80-85

Italian pride in the final, another basket for the Azzurri

11:51 a.m

Italy-Dominican Republic 78-85

Italy comes back below: the Azzurri are at -7, and still have 55 seconds to play


Italy-Dominican Republic 71-83

The Caribbean continues to manage the big advantage, but Italy is ready to close the match in the best way


Italy-Dominican Republic 67-79

The gap is now unbridgeable: the Caribbean continues to maintain its total dominance on the parquet


Italy-Dominican Republic 60-77

Dominican Republic kicks off: +17 to Caribbean with 5’33” left in the bout


Italy-Dominican Republic 60-74

Italy are trying to get back into the game and will need one last exceptional bit in the final quarter


Italy-Dominican Republic 56-69

The third quarter is disastrous for the Azzurri who now have to chase. Thirteen points ahead of the Dominican Republic, who found Velez formidable


Italy-Dominican Republic 56-69

The Datome falls short, but the Caribbean won’t leave it


Italy-Dominican Republic 54-65

Velez scores another hat-trick for the Dominican Republic

11:21 a.m

Italy-Dominican Republic 54-62

The Azores are repeating themselves and staying on the heels of the Caribbean


Italy-Dominican Republic 48-62

Now sailing the Dominican Republic. Part of the third quarter it is 24-9 for the Caribbean


Italy-Dominican Republic 45-57

Destroyed Phillies, who scored three more points: 21 points for him


Italy-Dominican Republic 45-52

Two free throws for Italy, Fontecchio missed the second shot from the goal line


Italy-Dominican Republic 44-52

After the break Italy had a disastrous start and had to chase. And now call a time-out


Italy-Dominican Republic 44-49

Early in the third quarter, the Dominican Republic picked up the pace and moved forward


Italy-Dominican Republic 39-38

The second quarter ends with Italy leading by the slightest gap. At the end of the first half, Italy advanced 39-38. The Italian coach, Bouzico, was fired. So far, seven points for Simone Fonticchio

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Italy-Dominican Republic 39-38

Polonara goes into the abyss! Italy is back

10:47 am

Italy-Dominican Republic 37-38

Overtaking the Dominican Republic, who are leading for the first time in the match


Italy-Dominican Republic 37-36

Two more free throws for the Caribbean team


Italy-Dominican Republic 37-34

Another coach for the blue coach Bouzico who is being kicked off the bench: a very strict referee with the Azzurri

10:41 a.m

Italy-Dominican Republic 37-31

Two three-pointers liven up the game. Spissu is shown on the Caribbean Basket


Italy-Dominican Republic 34-28

Funtecio makes the difference! star basket, then also sets the free overtime


Italy-Dominican Republic 31-26

Polonara from the line restores the margin by making two free throws


Italy-Dominican Republic 29-24

Cities keep the Caribbean in Italy’s wake. Then the extra free throw is missed


Italy-Dominican Republic 29-22

Give me back! Another basket from the blue also wins with a foul

10:31 a.m

Italy-Dominican Republic 27-22

Datome brings Italy back to +5. Light up the match


Italy-Dominican Republic 25-22

Italy regained the lead by one possession, thanks to two free throws by the Spaniards


Italy-Dominican Republic 23-22

The Dominican Republic dangerously comes back down with two 3-pointers


Italy-Dominican Republic 21-16

Datome marks the difference early in the second quarter. Italy resumed play in the same manner as the match had begun


Italy-Dominican Republic 19-13

Italy ends the first quarter of the match by advancing. A quick start for the Azzurri (12-0) who then saw an empty lane allow their opponents to come back. Tension on the blue bench: two technicians, one for the coach, and one for the team


Italy-Dominican Republic 17-9

Ricci leads Italy: five points for the blue


Italy-Dominican Republic 12-9

Coach Bouzekou squabbles over the opponents’ basket: Technician on the blue bench


Italy-Dominican Republic 12-6

Zero out of three shots by the Azzurri, who seemed to have lost measure under the basket


Italy-Dominican Republic 12-6

Time out for Italy. The Azzurri paused after a devastating start. Coach Bouzecco berates his team for being too shallow.

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Italy-Dominican Republic 12-6

The Dominican Republic remains on the heels of the Azzurri: the Caribbean is pushed back down


Italy – Dominican Republic 12-0

A devastating departure for Italy, who in the first few minutes dominated the match against their opponents. Second time to the Dominican


Italy – Dominican Republic 4-0

Polonara signs the first two baskets in the match! Italy is off to a good start. Immediately time to the Caribbean

10 am

Click off: let’s get started!

Italy and the Dominican Republic compete for top spot in their group

9:55 am

blue quintet

The blue coach, Gianmarco Buzzico, decided to start the challenge by lining up on the parquet: Spiso, Tonot, Mele, Fonticchio, Polonara.


It’s time for the national anthem

The Azzurri line up in the middle of the field: today they face a crucial challenge in the process of qualifying for the second phase of the World Cup


Dominican Republic, first of all

This was also the first successful match for the Caribbean national team who beat the Philippines 87-81 in the first match of the World Cup.


Italy, final exam

Today’s challenge at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon is a real test of maturity for the blue quintet who, in the final match of the group, will have to face the Philippines, who will have the advantage of being able to rely on their home crowd.


Italy and the Dominican Republic, where they can be seen on TV

The match between Italy and the Dominican Republic, the second match of the Azzurri in the 2023 World Cup, will take place today at 10:00. It will be possible to watch it live for free on Rai2, as well as on Sky Sport Summer (channel 201). Live streaming on RaiPlay, Sky Go, Now Tv and Dazn.

Philippines, Quezon (Araneta Coliseum)

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