Common mistakes that ruin desserts in the air fryer: so you don't make mistakes again

Common mistakes that ruin desserts in the air fryer: so you don't make mistakes again

By cooking desserts in an air fryer, you can get the same result as cooking in the oven, but be careful not to make these mistakes.

Since its arrival on the market, The air fryer has become a very practical alternative solution to the oven. In fact, this device allows you to cook various dishes in a healthy way, with flawless results even without adding fat, in addition to reducing your bill costs. The air fryer also allows you to cook delicious cakes and biscuits, you just need to follow some procedures carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Designed by the Dutch Fred van der Weij As an alternative to frying potato chips, the air fryer has been loved by millions of consumers around the world, who have gradually replaced it with the classic oven to cook any type of food. However, these two appliances have completely different functions in terms of temperatures and cooking times.

In addition to meat, vegetables, fish, air fryer It is widely used for cooking cakes and biscuits. Most models also have a button with a specific function for cooking sweets, allowing the appliance to reach the ideal temperature for uniform cooking. In this article we explore some simple tricks that allow us to avoid the most common mistakes when cooking desserts in an air fryer.

Make desserts with these air fryer tricks

To cook cakes and biscuits, one has to immediately select the function preset by the machine, but few know that this is one of the most common mistakes, because in this way the result can be a good quality cake that is cooked on the outside but raw or moist on the inside. Therefore it is better to chooseManual setting of time and temperatureIt also happens with ovens.

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Desserts in the air fryer (

Choosing the right template should not be underestimated. While silicone baking dishes are popular for use in the oven, they have recently also become available on the market for air fryers, but it seems that this is not the ideal option as this material is not a good conductor of heat. For baking cakes and biscuits it is It is better to choose steel or aluminumwhich will instead distribute the heat in each area.

Another factor that affects achieving a good final result when cooking desserts is also…Internal height between basket and pan. Don't forget to also evaluate the space occupied by fermented desserts and baking products during cooking. To prevent running out of space in your content, try doing this Slightly reduce the doses indicated in the recipeThis is to prevent the cake from sticking to the walls of the basket.

Always use Baking paper To make cooking uniform and cleaning the appliance more easily. In the early stages of cooking, Do not exceed 160 degrees and reach a maximum of 180 degrees after Try a toothpick And just to give the dessert a golden brown finish. Finally, also remember that I… Cooking times are much faster than oven times: Short crust pastry for pies and biscuits cooks easily in 13 minutes, while sponge cake takes about 20/25 minutes.

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