“Has he been summoned? There is no place for experiments”

“Has he been summoned? There is no place for experiments”

Coach Mancini explained his options: “We focus on the game, we have solid foundations”

Once again, the Coverciano Sports Center was overcrowded. L ‘Italia Gathered in view of the qualifiers to go to the World Cup in Qatar, the first obstacle was North Macedonia. The Coach Roberto Mancini He made his own choices regarding summoning at the most sensitive moment in his Azzurra adventure: “We have to stay focused on what we can do and I’ve tried to bring in whoever I thought would be most useful to me. Balotelli? We don’t have time to try new things.”

The striker was called in at the end of January to assess the moment, but in the end Mancini relied on those who – among those available – would give him the greatest guarantees: “It was Al Qaeda that won the Europeans – Mentioned at the press conference -, except for Bernardeschi who is not well and others since I couldn’t connect to 40. I already have several like this and we will make our assessments for those who are not well. Pay attention to North Macedonia, it won’t be taken for granted.”

The goal – of course – is to qualify for World Cup in Qatar: “There are two scenarios, but in Plan B, think about it. I think positively only because we have solid foundations and I think everything will be fine. It won’t be easy, maybe we didn’t deserve to find ourselves here but we had a hard time.”

As in the European Championship, Mancini We will focus more on the game and the group than on the individual: “This way we got results and I think that through the match nothing comes by chance. We would have done without these matches, but the boys are fine and we are ready.. We have strikers other than trying according to the match.”

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Motives in such games need not bother them: “Our goal is to win the World Cup And to do that we have to win these two games, and we have to go there. We have a little time to prepare for the match against North Macedonia, but I’m not worried.”

Some of the key players seem to have a problem: “I’m not worried about that stretcher Because in the national team he always performed well and during the season there are different moments. Kellini? He’s fine, he played which is good. He won’t play the two games, but we’ll talk about them together. also from Donnarumma I’m not worried, it’s better to be with you than against.”

Regarding possible formation options, Mancini did not want to reveal the choices but gave some feeling: “From the defense to the top I don’t see big problems, while behind me I have to evaluate some situations like Bonucci. To win we will need to defend.”

Confidence, in short, begins to think again last summer: “I have good, professional players who won the European Championship from nothing when no one believed it, but absolutely no one. The confidence starts from there, the sensations and we are the feelings. There is no A lack of interest, even if it is clear that the interest in the national team is greater during the World Cup and the European Championship. That’s why we should go there and the fans will cheer for us.”

However, the future of Italy also depends on what the championship says: “Berardi and Scamaka I see them in good shape, but I wouldn’t say training. Joao Pedro I chose him instead of Balotelli because he can also play the second striker and the attacking winger. Ensen? It’s not 100% like the European Championship, and Pellegrini is an option.”

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