Oriana Marzoli talks about Nikita Bellison’s situation after winning

Oriana Marzoli talks about Nikita Bellison’s situation after winning

Oriana Marzoli She ranked second, just one step behind Winner Nikita Pelizonto gf vip With the Grand Final being held last year Monday 3 April.

It didn’t take long, that the South American admitted that she was still suffering psychologically from the TV experience. Interview by Sophie Codigoni to home is, Ex Jevina told how things are going with her Daniel Del Moro:

We’ve done it all. I haven’t stopped working, I’m so devastated. Daniele and I have never broken up since she left the reality show, so we’re getting along well.

For complicity it was created with DanielAnd Oriana She said she regretted her predecessors Antonino Spinalbis:

I’m a little sorry especially for the situation I’m in Daniel. I can pause for a while and think twice. Get to know people a little better. You eventually get the wrong idea about someone, you know? I thought Antonino was in one way actually quite another. Daniele I thought it was one way and instead…

In fact, when she came out, it was her greatest pleasure to be able to experience the Venetian entrepreneur:

I am tired because I have not stopped for a moment, at any time, and I must rest. In the end, when you get out of there, you come out very psychologically tired. Not winning didn’t make me feel bad, I don’t know why. I felt this girl could win. For me the truth ends there. I thought of finding Daniel, who they told me was there. I did not expect. You do not understand. I was about to pass out. “I’m talking to Daniel,” Amores told me. I told him to pass it to me, and he told me he was standing outside. The most beautiful joy that day.

However, his dream, as he specified, always remains the dream of being able to work in television. More so with social media. Indeed, from this need for Italian followers, the idea of ​​participating in Gf Vip 7:

I’m coming to Italy because I wanted to work with social media. My agency told me I should have an Italian following first. For my gf, the program was already running, and they told me from my agency: “Let’s try it.” “But whoever catches me, no one knows me!” I thought. Wow, once the test was over, they said to me “but can you come here on Friday?” In short, they immediately told me that I had to enter.

with Nikita There are no big grudges. However, according to him, he did not even reply when he wished her a moment of triumph:

Like I commended a NikitaImagine, live. I felt a little rejected at that moment, I can tell you the truth. I also talked about it with the agent so once I said “best wishes” she didn’t even look at me. Not even a hug. They all passed me by without considering me. But of course I don’t care about anything. In the end you see how people are. Once one wins the reality show, the truth comes out. That was how I felt about making it. In addition to Orita, they showed me several things that I responded to on social networks, making it clear that I was being rude. Mamma Mia honey, you’re done with the reality show, turn the page. How heavy is it? I do not have time.

from Temptation Island Instead, at the moment there is no mention of it at all:

Temptation Island Too soon, you’re crazy. No, I really don’t like the idea. no no no.

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