Charlene of Monaco pregnant at 43? Frost from the palace

Charlene Monaco Will be Pregnant at the age of 43: This is the new indiscretion reported by part of the international press. The princess, who is still in South Africa but should return to Monte Carlo in a few days, will bring with her a sweet surprise, according to these rumors that remain unconfirmed at the moment. and without foundation.

Charlene of Monaco pregnant: indiscretion

According to the German magazine Free time – monthSo, Charlene of Monaco is waiting for you third child. The princess is already a mother From twins Jack and Gabriella. The French media reported these rumors. the site LC . News It tells of the pleasant expectations of Alberto’s wife, the news that, if confirmed, she will also deny the statements of Charlene’s mother, Lynette Wittstock, who mentioned the princess’s pain over her inability to become a mother anymore.

On the other hand, the German magazine insists on the correctness of Charlene’s pregnancy, to the point of dedicating the news to the cover of the magazine where the photo of the smiling princess finally appears.

Charlene of Monaco, the unfounded pregnancy

good news anticipation Charlene Monaco But it seems suspicious for more than one reason. The first, basic, concerns the health conditions of the princess. As is known, Alberto’s wife was shocked severe infection Which affected the nose, throat and ears. Because of the disease, Charlene has been banned since last May in South Africa and has undergone three operations under general anaesthesia, the last of which was in October. Given his state of health, highly unlikely That the princess is pregnant. Furthermore, her medical team had advised her not to plan a pregnancy.

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Secondly, Charlene and Alberto have been away from each other for several months. It is true that the prince has visited his wife twice since May, but despite this, the chances of pregnancy are very low.

Third, there are recent photos of Charlene from Munich that do not need much comment. princess show Too lean and try Nothing suggests that the child is traveling. The thinness of Alberto’s wife has nothing to do with the possible weight loss in the first months of expectation due to morning sickness.

Finally, if Charlene was indeed pregnant, the palace probably wouldn’t mention her, now Is the princess about to go home? And also to silence divorce rumors for good? In this case, even Alberto broke the silence To say that the alleged news of the crisis between him and his wife is false and painful for him, Charlene and the emirate.

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