Bizarro, barricades against the bio-lab where viruses are manipulated. Burioni: “Trust science”

Bizarro, barricades against the bio-lab where viruses are manipulated.  Burioni: “Trust science”

PESARO – Barriers are being prepared in Pesaro against the creation of a Biosafety Laboratory (BSL3), that is, a structure “able to guarantee …

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Pesaro – In Pesaro, barriers are being prepared against the construction of a Biosafety Lab (BSL3), any facility «Able to ensure experiments and manipulations – in vivo and in vitro – of viral agents dangerous to animal and human health under conditions of maximum safety and biological containment.». A project that has already run the equation Bizarro is like Wuhanso much so that on Monday 1 May a national demonstration was called to prevent the creation of this vital laboratory: appointment in Baia Flaminia – Campo de Mar from 10 to 18 The movement provoked a reaction Roberto Burioni, professor of virology and microbiology at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, is originally from Pesaro.

Burioni defends the biological laboratory in Pesaro: “trust the science”

Scientific research may be on the verge of making new cancer treatments available to us until recently unimaginable. But there are those who take the bus from Milan on May 1 to prevent the opening of a research laboratory in Pesaro – the scientist assures – trust science because it is the only thing that, if you are really in trouble, will save your life. life. Superstition and fear will not work.

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But what is happening in Pesaro? On October 24, the City Council approved a resolution allowing the Zooprophylactic Experimental Institute “Togo Rosati” of Umbria and the Marches, with its headquarters in Villa Fastiggi, to purchase land owned by the city, adjacent to some of its properties, in the locality of Torraccia (via Furiassi – via Grande Torino) to implement a branch of Pesaro with «Creation of a biosafety laboratory (BSL3), i.e. a structure capable of ensuring that experiments and manipulations – in vivo and in vitro – of viral agents that are dangerous to animal and human health are carried out in conditions of utmost safety and biocontainment and the construction of virtual stables to house large and small animals capable of ensuring measures Biological containment and biosecurity against infectious agents».

The resolution was passed in council with only one vote against

The resolution passed almost unanimously, with the only vote against being Lysetta Sperandi (formerly 5 Syelle, now a mixed minority group) and with the League’s deputy group leader in city council Andrea Marchionne abstaining. But among the people of Pesaro, the decision aroused so much bewilderment, that it led to the formation of a committee which began a petition to get to the bottom of the matter.

«It seems clear – as the petition reads – the intention to conduct “in vivo” experiments on small and large animals, presumably sick or not, to check their reactions, recovery and death, and to test treatments and vaccines. And we ask ourselves: Will there be an internal crematorium to dispose of the dead bodies? What other disposal is expected? How can wastewater be managed given that the Voglia River is nearby? Will the air quality stay the same, knowing that there will be sick animals in the middle of the metropolitan area? What dangers can pose transmission vectors such as arthropods (including insects, including tiger mosquitoes, chikungunya, etc.) and small mammals (including rats) by spreading diseases from the ward to the rest of the city and elsewhere , huge fire? “

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