Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Final rupture: the escape is ready

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Final rupture: the escape is ready

Charlene Monaco On the process of escaping from the palace and organizing a new life, you do not expect Alberto to be present except on the occasional occasion that he has already contracted. The princess is preparing to become an entrepreneur of her own.

Charlene and Albert from Monaco, without hope

that Alberto and Charlene Monaco They lead separate entities, it now seems clear. But perhaps this was already happening before the princess’ illness which simply led to an already existing situation. After months of absence from the emirate and in general, the former swimmer began appearing with her husband at public events since the end of April. Events that revealed it allcoldness between spousesAnd If it is still a couple.

The Prince’s longtime friend assures them that they will never divorce, and their institutional role does not permit this, but keeping appearances, the two will live as complete strangers, even if Alberto seems to care too much about his wife’s health and has kidnapped her. The car was prevented from driving when she had not fully recovered yet. However, this does not prevent him from taking his children, Jack and Gabriella, to Disneyland Paris on his own or from going to London to watch a Premier League match. While Charlene stays at home, she gets ready His victorious show in Cannes.

Charlene from Monaco, her brother’s nationality and other anomalies

However, this thing had broken deep and obvious to everyone. A source close to Palazzo told the Swiss magazine here: “Strange things happened in Monte Carlo over a year agoIt seems that Charlene was planning to move to Switzerland, but the plan would later disappear after the famous contract that she and Alberto signed, for which You will pay 12 million euros General to attend the agreed list of events. Looks like the prince was on a rampage due to these rumors flatly denied.

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On the other hand, it hints France DimancheClearly, something is boiling in the pot. And the citizenship of Monaco that Charlene’s brother obtained, Gareth WittstockJust a few days ago, she was considered suspicious. In fact, shortly after he moved one of his companies to South Africa, where the princess lived for months, from May to October 2021, due to the serious infection she contracted.

Charlene of Monaco, escape plan

This move was suspicious, especially given some rumors of a secret plan for the princess to leave Monte Carlo and become independent from Alberto. France Dimanche reports that Charlene is a partner in her brother’s company, which “could have been carried by a friend of the princess”. A few months ago, a friend of hers revealed that she was looking for a house in Johannesburg and then there That special friendship between her and the Zulu King Misuzulu. In short, a whole series of clues that, if assembled, reconstruct a complex puzzle, as one can read that Charlene’s escape is imminent and that now she has already organized her life in an alternative way to that which Alberto has given her thus far.

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