Free Car Wash This is really overkill: you lose everything | The video is terrifying

Free Car Wash This is really overkill: you lose everything |  The video is terrifying

Does paying ten euros to wash your car seem excessive? Everyone has their own ideas, then if you visit the car wash frequently, this very questionable choice may happen to you.

No one likes to spend money that can be set aside, we believe this to be an established fact all over the world. Sometimes though, it may be necessary to avoid making small expenses irreparable damage For themselves and their purposes, as happened in this very strange and ridiculous case caught on video. The pictures are shocking and will make you miss your car wash.

The idea was good, the realization a little less (

Payment is not pleasant

How much does it cost to wash your car in Italy on average? Spend as little as possible? The cost of a normal car wash in our country is certainly not exorbitant but not low: in fact it ranges from 15 euros for normal cars such as minivans and small crossovers up to 70 euros if you own, for example supercar Or a luxury SUV that needs more treatment so it doesn’t end up at the hands of an inexperienced operator.

Now, nobody is Literally Uncle Scrooge He would throw his hands in his hair in front of such expenses but it must be said that a good rule of home economics is this: If you can do something yourself by saving money, do it. This must have thought the protagonist of a shocking video that recently arrived on the web totaling more than three million clicks worldwide.

Water Bowl 6_12_2022 Off-Road World
Perhaps it would have been better to use a pump … (

Wash and dry

alternative Cheap car wash It is the typical coin-operated vending machine that allows you to Wash the car For a little more money, if you’re really quick. Rather than throw himself into the do-it-yourself business, the owner of the big car preferred to avoid spending even the €3 that was asked of him on the spot, and tackle a seemingly clever task – he could! – but resulting in a real shipwreck. In all senses.

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You face the prospect of spending “too much” to wash your car off-road photos Looks like a Land Rover From the older generation, the owner of the car decides to put it in first gear and drive to a place where water is plentiful…and free. We don’t know what he hoped to achieve but we’ll tell you right away how the story ended: terrible.

Save money and lose your car

The episode was Captured on video In China’s most famous province, Sichuan, where we regularly get ridiculous videos with cars as the protagonists. What did this owner decide to do to save the 20 yuan – very little euro – needed to wash his Land Rover? Of course, ride in a local river on a stretch where the water wasn’t that deep.

Canva drowned 6_12_2022 MondoFuoristrada
He risked a much worse ending (

Unfortunately for our new Aquaman at that point, unbeknownst to him, the river It was regulated by a dam Whoever operated the locks possibly to allow the ship to cross an impassable part of the waterway. Naturally, this caused the water level to rise dramatically, forcing the man to abandon the car Even risking ending up drowning!

Upon the arrival of the authorities, the car appeared, as you can see in the video, buried in water up to the surfaceAll this to save the equivalent of €3, ended up costing a lot more even taking into account the off-road recovery! Needless to say, social media exploded with sarcastic comments about the man’s misadventure: “now clean” someone writes.

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