Over three decades of ceramics from Barceló to La Pedrera

Over three decades of ceramics from Barceló to La Pedrera

(ACN/Redacció) This Thursday was submitted to Stone The most complete retrospective ever made in Barcelona of the creator's ceramics Mikel Barcelo (Vilanetx, Mallorca, 1957), which can be viewed until June 30. The chronological exhibition, curated by writer Enrique Juncosa, follows a A journey through the career of one of the most prominent creators on the global art scenefrom the first African works in 1994 to the most recent production.

Under the title”“We are all Greeks”The exhibition pays tribute to the English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe ShelleyLike Barcelona, ​​fascinated by Greek culture. One business A 3D extension of the artist's palette And it was formed Symbols of the passage of time. Specifically, there are about eighty objects, about fifteen paintings, some notebooks related to ceramics and a bronze sculpture occupying the courtyard of La Pedrera.

Barceló: “Ceramic is the material that best combines imperfections and defects”

Barceló's work, of profound intensity and deep contemplation, He recreates matter, organic life, and time objectively and physically. Barceló emphasized that ceramic is the material that holds it together best Defects and defects. The accuracy of the material is engraved on the pieces and their author can identify by the imperfections the time of year in which they were conceived.

Although the creator started the show in the late 1970s,… His passion for ceramics came in the mid-1990sDuring his stay in Mali, where he resided for many years. The strong winds did not allow him to paint and he decided to work with clay Who taught a group of women. This experience greatly influenced him and influenced central aspects of his work.

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Some of the pieces on display in the Barceló retrospective. Source: Guillem Roset (ACN)

During the press conference, Barceló spoke about The ephemeral nature of ceramics And that the pieces often end up in the “well.” “When you paint a picture, you know what it looks like When you put an item in the oven, you don't know what the result will be“, he thought. He also emphasized that the only thing that separates painting from ceramics is dealing with the art market and that in the latter you have to put it in the kiln to finish it.

14 years after the exhibition at CaixaForum, Barceló celebrated the show again in Barcelona In a space like La Pedrera, where pieces establish A Dialogue with the structures proposed by Antoni Gaudí.

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