“I thought I wasn’t good with kids”

“I thought I wasn’t good with kids”

blue bow for Ellaria Spada. On Monday, February 28, the actress gave birth to her third child. He was born in the historic Roman clinic Casa di Cura Santa Familia, Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, she also gave birth to her first two children, Ettore (11 years old) and Ian (3 years old).

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Ellaria Spada’s mother for the third time

For Spada, associated since 2011 with Kim Rossi StewartIt was the third pregnancy that ended successfully and without risk, as reported by the gynecologist Dr. Luca Cipriano and the midwife Lilli Baldacchino who helped her give birth and whom the actress wanted to take some photo with.

“Baby and mother are fine – says Donatella Bussimato, Director of the Sagrada Familia. For us, the return of Ilaria Spada has been a welcome return after the previous two parts of our structure, and we are glad to see her confidence confirmed at such a beautiful and important moment in her life, and we are doing everything we can to make it special » .

And I think a long time ago Ilaria Spada thought she wasn’t raised for motherhood. “I thought I wasn’t good with kids, they scare me,” the actress said in an interview with Vanity Fair, who hasn’t revealed the baby’s name yet. In hindsight, Ilaria could not be more content and contented: for her, children truly became the center of her world.

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