The Cat Man of Sarabanda: “Guessing the songs was terrible, with success I didn’t have to work”

The Cat Man of Sarabanda: “Guessing the songs was terrible, with success I didn’t have to work”

Gabriel Spatila on the left in the time of Sarabanda and on the right with the recently published book

The cat man wrote a book, Released on April 21 (Do you remember it..the cat man? nrd). Gabriel Spatella, 51, has become a A television personality in Sarabanda twenty years ago, recounting the lead-up to his television debut. Since I stopped performing the season as Lidi Ravennati – he explains -, Until November 12, 2002, my first episode of the show hosted by Enrico Papi was broadcast on Italia1. It was among the personalities that entered the history of the successful program that Enrico Papi conducted for several years on Italia 1, and television in general. The brilliant contender won the hearts of viewers not only for his exceptional ability to recognize songs after a few moments, Although he has never been able to establish himself in the various tournaments of champions, but also because of his very own way of performing. His undefeated lasted from November 12, 2002 to February 19, 2003, When he was defeated by another iconic face of the show, Tiramis.

Why these two months?
I received job offers as an interpreter and translator, because I have a degree in translation, from English to and from German (I’m not such a fool as some like to call me disrespectful). Then here, the medical exams because I had physical problems and then the call-waiting for that TV test I was watching.

Why was he so eager to get involved?
For a different day, see what the world of TV was like. I wanted to get to the final with the champ. Then I became a champ and I have 79 episodes left. In the end it becomes a challenge for you.

Do you have friendship with Babi?
I don’t have his number, when we see each other we say goodbye. I know he’s now making a show on Canale5 which is very funny, I’m watching it. I admire him, the protagonist’s audience.

And after Sarabanda, what did he do?
I should have gone to be a touring artist in Egypt, but they invited me to nightclubs. In two hours he got what he got in the villages in a month so I left this world.

Do you still keep Emilia Romagna in your heart?
S because I lived in Cento and studied at the School of Translation in Misano Adriatico (Rimini).

Now what do you do in life?
The journalist and I do not only write about sports, but about music as well, I have followed three Sanremo festivals. I work in an agency.

Still a fan of Milan?
s. I have two teams, Milan and Bayern Munich, and I elected them as my favorite team in the fall of 1979. Ray Tree was broadcasting demo programs and broadcasting the 1970 and 1974 World Cup matches. We know about the semi-final between Italy and Germany in 1970, I became a Milan player with Rivera’s goal. Bayern because Bayern was one of the players who formed the backbone of Germany that won the World Cup in 1974.

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We have four days until the end of the tournament, do you think Milan will be able to win the Scudetto?
I hope so, I’ll be happy. For I would like to harden the ears of the ruling class. He makes a lot of mistakes, and I don’t know if they were intentional or in good faith. Milan has suffered many errors in history, since 1973 when Concepts Lo Bello unjustly canceled this right goal in Chiarugi in Rome against Lazio, and eventually Milan lost the championship.

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