Art and Science in the Program of the Cultural Association of Somareva del Bosco Ripa Nemores

Art and Science in the Program of the Cultural Association of Somareva del Bosco Ripa Nemores

Sommariva del Bosco – Ripa Nemoris Cultural Association, on the occasion of the presentation of n. 19 from her own journal of local history and lore Sommariva del Bosco – We need a villageIt presented its program of activities for the year 2023, which will be divided into two parts. One, more traditional, would deal with the local art-historical heritage found in religious and institutional buildings, little known, but valuable and still to a large extent to be studied and documented. The other named Collection of science More innovative and already introduced with initiatives linked to the concept of environmental health one health (One Health for Humans, Animals, and the Environment), you will propose scientific topics outlining potential future developments not yet immediately realised.

first date Collection of science by title:theImmortality? From Greek myth To regenerate human tissues and organs. And the To be held on Thursday January 12th at 21 o’clock in the conference room “Giovanni Maria Buri” of the Viale Scuole in Sommariva del Bosco and will evaluate research in the regeneration of human tissues and organs. The speaker, Portuguese Marco Domingos, is involved in research on biomaterials for regenerative medicine as Associate Professor at the University of Manchester and since 2019 leads the Research Group on Biomaterials at the Henry Royce Institute and the academic and research structures they have endowed their sponsorship for the initiative.

The upcoming appointments will be involved in space and communications research in relation to ongoing climate change and genome research in its application to human health and criminal investigations.
Some of these meetings will see a drain on the brains of young people, who are now well placed in the international context after leaving their countries to seize the best research opportunities elsewhere.

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Don’t let yourself be fooled by the apparent over-specialization of topics because despite the niche and emerging topics, young speakers are also capable of being excellent disseminators.


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