One hundred pairs of wardrobe disappeared. Coming next Friday

One hundred pairs of wardrobe disappeared.  Coming next Friday

There is not only a rich collection of designer bags Among the accessories that Elari Place She was “stripped” by her husband and is now seeking restitution through the courts, with an urgent appeal filed in the Civil Court in Rome. Francesco Totti He will literally leave his wife barefoot. All shoes owned by the host Mediaset He disappeared overnight from his wardrobe in the villa ineuro.

Totti moves to the north of Rome (near Noemi Bocchi): apartment with pool

We’re talking about a hundred pairs, including high-heeled and designer sandals Jimmy ChooAmina Maadi Chanelif silaAnd the cassadyIn addition to her precious branded sneakers Gucci. A real treasure, considering that a pair of these shoes can cost up to four thousand euros. Elari gasped when she saw the empty shelves. This “stunt” claimed by Totti to avenge the disappearance of his parents RolexBlasey, too, had a hard time working, given the costume’s importance in the entertainment world.
Some of her jewelry was missing, too, as were all (but absolutely all) of her bags: dozens of super-expensive models, designer labels Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and even Kelly and Birkin exclusives from Hermès. Depriving a woman of shoes, gold, and bags may be enough to send her into a meltdown, when it comes to a showgirl, accessories become essential to the look.


And so Ilari Blasi, with the help of attorney Alessandro Simeone, decided to submit to the civil court in Rome a request to “restore and maintain” everything that had disappeared from her wardrobe. The date for the first session has been set for next Friday. For this type of urgent appeal, it is not necessary to prove ownership of the assets. So there is no need to prove that you bought them or received them as a gift. The showgirl only needs to document that she uses them regularly, thus attaching the photos in which she is immortalized with these accessories.

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However, Totti has yet to file a similar appeal, which will nonetheless travel on a parallel route, to ask the judges to return his precious Rolex set, which – according to what the former Roma captain revealed in the press – would have taken his wife and father-in-law.

Hour farewell

The Rome court will also soon have to deal with two more appeals completed by the couple’s lawyers seeking judicial separation. There the most important game is played between alimony and child custody. On the other hand, the forced cohabitation in Villa Turin is one step away from the outcome, given that Totti seems ready to move to the other side of town – to be precise in the Vigna Clara district – where the new partner lives. Noemi Bocchi.

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