Fanta-Scienza 2, the science-inspired sci-fi is back

Fanta-Scienza 2, the science-inspired sci-fi is back

There is also Bruce Sterling in the anthology science fiction 2It was introduced in Stranimondi and officially released in both e-books and paperbacks these days

It was Bruce Sterling who inspired the idea to Marco Passarello who then began creating the anthology three years ago. Science Fiction: A collection of stories written by Italian authors and directly inspired by scientific theories that have been told in numerous interviews with Italian researchers at the International Institute of Technology. With an introduction by Roberto Cingolani, who headed the institute at the time and who later became Minister of Environmental Transformation.

Three years later, Passarello returns with a new anthology based on the same concept and this time Bruce Sterling’s contribution is more concrete, with the first story of the anthology.

Cover designed by Franco Brambilla.

science fiction 2


This book is a continuation of Science Fiction, an anthology released exactly three years ago, in October 2019, and is based on the same concept. We interviewed some of the leading researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology (eight last time, nine in this volume) and asked them to explain the nature of their research and to imagine how they might develop in the future and what the consequences might be. We then passed it on to as many science fiction authors as possible, asking them to take inspiration from what the researchers had said to write a story, perhaps with additional help from the interviewee.

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The result is a set of visions for our future that leave you amazed, not only because of their exceptional nature but above all because they are based on entirely possible extrapolations.


Marco Passarello He lives and works in Bolzano as editor for TGR RAI. Graduated in Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on wired satellites. He was an editor for computer magazines computer idea And the computerand has long cooperated with the Scientific Weekly Nuova 24 de sun 24 hours And with the magazine urania Mondadori. Edited a science fiction column for the monthly newsletter XLparticipated in music and books in rolling rock And the Republic evening. Together with his wife, Silvia Castoldi, he translated several novels, including the series Verga Written by Karl Schroeder for Area 42 Types. He has published numerous science fiction stories in magazines, magazines, and anthologies.

Marco Passarello, science fiction 2
Delos Digital, Odyssey Sci-Fi 123, isbn: 9788825421507, e-book in Kindle format (on or epub (in other stores) with Social drm (watermark) where available, EUR 4.99 VAT included

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