Here are all the tricks to save €1350 on bills

Here are all the tricks to save €1350 on bills

against the Dear Bills Which bothers us and gives us no relief, Italians will have to take many precautions to reduce costs that would otherwise become unsustainable. A little bit here and there, a study done in the UK and published the sun Promises to provide nearly 1350 EUR A year on family payments for the average family.

Here’s how to save

From higher costs to smaller ones, we will review the habits that need to be changed to save the amount just mentioned. First of all, among the reasons for the high consumption, we must mention the old (old) appliances such as those in cooking: a more efficient system that promises to save about 260 euros per year. Immediately after that there is a less famous degree that the government requires of all Italians: to lower the temperature of radiators It promises a net gain of around 230 euros. Only in these two ways can we save 490 EUR In the solar year, not bad.

shower and kettle

Another sore point that makes domestic consumption soar is the prolonged useWater Hot during baths and showers but also the temperature at which it is heated is the same: put one thermostat Water heater Set it to a value of no more than 50 degrees and the washing speed (maximum 4 minutes), you will save 130 and 115 euros, respectively, in total 245 euros. In times of austerity, it is certainly not a question of peanuts. Referring to this area, showering compared to a bath means that less water can be consumed while saving around 30 euros per year.

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cooking news

It’s called “batch cooking,” and it’s more foreign than Italian custom and it works like this: to avoid daily gas consumption, you can cook food only once a week and then store and reheat if necessary. At this point, the oven will be able to revive freshly thawed dishes in a few minutes to provide a net 130 euros year on billing. It is difficult for our country to get into such an extreme situation, but those who want to save a certain amount can try it. Important news also how to do it until boiling Water: with a lid and hot water already in the bowl, you can save 53 and 52 euros, just over 100 euros a year.

consumption of household appliances

Besides the macro areas we just covered, there are a whole series of tricks to save small and medium amounts of money from using household applianceFor example, avoiding spinning the washing machine saves about 90 euros. You can add about 78 euros to it if you unplug dishwashers, televisions, and those appliances on standby 24 hours a day. Obviously, the only appliance that inevitably has to escape this rule is the refrigerator. as he remembers Prophetthen, grandmother can also be presented by detergent At a lower price than the classics, about one euro and 50 cents per liter. The savings will be up to 75 euros. Not many know it but leaving the lamp on even when it is not needed: you often forget to turn it off light From the bedroom if you are in the living room and vice versa: this game will allow you to get an additional 50 euros every 365 days.

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how to wash

Save up to 50€ on bills if you are careful about it Wash: Using the washing machine at 30°C and only when fully loaded allows savings of more than 30€ (in the first case) and about 13€ (in the second case): Therefore, avoid placing appliances at 60 or 90° and always filling them rather than leaving them half empty. By washing it several times. In short, there are ways for all tastes: everyone regulates himself as he wants (and how he can) but with many little tricks we can, really, be able to fight the energy crisis in our own little way.

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