In the nomination Sophie, Gianmaria and Mirjana

Son of Jakes’ surprise “He is the most important person in my life but he will never come home,” Jucas Casella told Alfonso Signorini. Instead, his son James, who was Casilla’s father and mother, got into the reality show and surprised Geocas on his 72nd birthday. But he first received a video message from his partner (of 40 years) Valeria (known thanks to Pippo Baudo) greeting him with Napoleon’s donkey, which Sabrina Ferilli gave to Roberto Gervaso who sold it to Giucas. Casella admits he kissed Ferrelli: “She was in the mold.” James then entered the garden and Jukas burst into a cry of liberation. An unexpected phone call also arrived: Mara Vinier sings “Happy Birthday” to him. “He’s never tried it with me, this thing bothers me,” he jokes.

The story between Lulu and MANUEL The story between Lolo Selassie and Manuel Portozzo is an endless one. After the swimmer stopped, the princess took a step back: “Feelings are always there and it will be impossible to erase them, I respect him, I talk to him during the day, I see him calmer and calmer. I wrote him a letter and do not know in confession, Manuel admits that he has already read it: “It is He apologizes for his insecurities, vows to be less intrusive, and tells me he looks at me like an angel and that you’re afraid to see me fly away.”

De Sophie’s nomination Four women were instrumental in bringing Sophie into the nomination. “Your nomination was a bit exciting,” Signorini says, explaining that it’s rare to see a woman who only gets women’s votes. “We felt bad for Manila Nazzaro,” Sophie replies still resolute on her idea of ​​Gianmaria: “She is capricious, and I see no sincerity.” Sully interjects: “I don’t think it’s the least bit indifferent to him.” Katia Ricciarelli also confirms, “I referred to you because I don’t understand you” while Carmen Russo says that things today may have “faded away.”

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Mirjana does not feel the lack of Nicolas Mirjana Trevisan spends her days quietly at home without Nicolas Besso. “I saw on the outside some things that I didn’t like, so I went down a little bit,” says Nicola. And so Signorini shows a clip in which Mirjana seems very calm and above all convinced of the fact that she needs something else: “Since he left, I have more space to be myself. I want someone more like me, send a man my age.” Nicola later left the studio and entered the house to talk to Mirjana: “She made me believe there could be something outside and instead… I was always consistent, but my feelings changed.” Mirjana replied: “I felt more free without your eyes, you were so cute, besides cuteness, there was nothing.” “Outside the house, there is no tomorrow for you,” Signorini concludes.

Alex, Soliel and his wife Soleil Sorge wears an Alex Belli shirt and Signorini points it out: “He took it out of my wardrobe, it’s open and, among other things, it’s being used.” Meanwhile, Bailey maintains that his wife Delia Duran should be reassured, saying, “We’re just friends, I really don’t understand his situation.” “It feels like a TV series,” says Aldo Montano. “What a filth, they make fun of us,” Katya interjects. Then comes Alex’s surprise, her best man, Mirko: “Delia is not influenced by anyone, don’t worry.” Sully defends himself: “I didn’t feel protected and defended, neither Alex nor his friends.”

Katia’s life between Carrera and Bodo – Katya goes to The Mystery, where there is a cinema. “It’s the movie of your life,” Alfonso told her. The opera singer recalls her story starting with the memory of her mother who always did menial jobs to support her children, her studies at the conservatory, and her thirteen year love affair with Carreras: “I am a very strong woman, I can be alone for so long, but there are times when everything falls apart “. Ricciarelli also speaks of Pippo Baudo: “I was so jealous, I don’t know why it ended after 18 years of marriage, we felt just two years ago, we hugged each other and it was beautiful as always, I love Pippo so much, I’m glad to see him again.”

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Princesses in crisis The princesses were named by roommates mainly because of Lulu’s behavior with Manuel. “My sisters worry a lot, in my opinion. Unfortunately in the past I’ve had some bad things happen to me, I should have gone to a psychiatrist and I didn’t because I didn’t want to, and I was wrong,” Lucrezia admits. The youngest of them, Clarissa, talks about their relationship: “I always took care of them, I took care of their problems. I knew that by coming here we were going to quarrel, we are family and we always did: we three are crazy but we love each other madly. ” “It’s true that I try to check them out to see what they’re doing here, without being exposed to them – Jessica admits – even if they keep me in the dark.”

The appointment The dungeons are: Francesca Cipriani, Aldo Montano, Manuel Portozo and Giocas Casella. Adriana Volpe on Alex Bailey’s “soap opera”, “wife” Delia Doran and Soleil Sorge: “Since it’s a TV series to me, I want Alex to stay home because I want to lie to him, so he’s immune.” Katya votes for Mirjana, Manila votes for princesses, Davide votes for princesses, Carmen votes for Gianmaria, Princesses nominate David, Gianmaria nominates Carmen, Mirjana votes for David, Sophie nominates for Manila. Francesca appoints Gianmaria, Sully appoints Gianmaria, Alex votes for Mirjana, Aldo also votes for Mirjana, as does Manuel who appoints Mirjana and finally Giocas appoints Gianmaria.

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