“We create preparatory departments, it is less stressful for students” – the Minister of Education and Science met with students in Chełm

“We create preparatory departments, it is less stressful for students” – the Minister of Education and Science met with students in Chełm

The visit of His Excellency the Minister of Education to Shem

Minister Przemyslaw Chernik met with Polish students to ensure their safety in Polish schools, as Poland is a member of the largest defense alliance, NATO. During the conversation, the Minister clarified what fake news and misinformation about welcoming refugees from Ukraine is appearing on social media. – It was built from the attitude of Polish students who approach Ukrainian students with a big heart, said the Head of the Ministry after the meeting.

The Minister also expressed his happiness to meet the Ukrainian children and their adaptation to the preparatory units.

– I also grew up the way Ukrainian children behave, they are really comfortable, they feel good here, they are well received and appreciated. The minister added that in the event that they do not understand Polish and do not speak Polish, being in a preparatory ward is less stressful for them than attending Polish language lessons without knowing the language.

The head of MEiN also noted that helping Ukrainian children occurs without interfering with the Polish education system. The president as an administrative body and the school principal are at the fore in the Polish education system for Polish schools and for Polish children. At the same time, he stressed that we organize the education of Ukrainian children at the highest possible level with minimal interference with the current functioning of schools, citing the Chełm School, which is an example.

The meeting was attended by: Chełm President, Jakub Banaszek, Chełm Vice President, Dorota Cieślik, Lublin Education Minister Teresa Misiuk and School Principal, Bożena Goszczyńska.

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MEiN President’s Meeting with Students

The Minister of Education and Science gave lectures to Polish students in grade 1-8 and Ukrainian children in grade four. The conversation was related to the current situation in Poland and Ukraine and presented the students with English-Polish-Ukrainian dictionaries (aнглійсько-польсько-український розмовник першоїнеобхідності) along with “Conversations”! Let’s talk! поро3мовляймо! ”, where they will find basic phrases in three language versions, as well as the necessary vocabulary and examples of their use.

Preparatory department in Chełm

In elementary school no. General Władysław Sikorski in Chełm, 7 preparatory units have been in operation since March 14, 2022.

The creation of preparatory units is the most flexible way of introducing children into Polish schools, especially when they do not speak or do not understand the Polish language. This solution aims to help reduce the pressure on Ukrainian children in connection with forced migration.

Primary school information n. General Wladyslaw Sikorsky in Chełm

primary school n. 7 of Chełm was founded on September 1, 1965. The facility constantly conducts projects in which students participate in the development of their knowledge and passion. Students receive prizes for thematic Olympic Games and local and national competitions.

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