Without the legalization of Russia and the general embargo

Without the legalization of Russia and the general embargo

Experts launch a global warning on diesel. Inflation and war have caused inventories to collapse around the world.

Let’s see what other dangers the planet faces. The severe inflationary scenario we are witnessing has led to an increase in the prices of all raw materials, especially energy raw materials. Prices are also rising due to bad international speculation but stocks are falling.

All over the world, diesel stocks seem to be already running out and the scenario is frightening. Now countries are literally looking for diesel, that is, they are looking for supply channels for this valuable fuel, but the options are more and more decreasing. In particular, Europe is the most fragile. For diesel, we rely heavily on Russia Thus as the war continues, the prospects for the old continent are truly worrying. The shortage of diesel is a problem suffered at various levels. For families, this is another bite because putting gasoline in your car is obviously very expensive.

general charging block

For companies, things are worse but The biggest danger is the freezing of the goods. In Italy, truck drivers have already begun to cross their arms in various domestic situations.

To be precise, it happened in Sardinia but not only. If truck drivers stop running on diesel fuel that costs around €2.2 a liter, what could happen when stocks run low? And prices can go up to three or four euros per liter? The possibility that many fear is the possibility of an entire charging block. In our country, in fact, 80% of goods are transported by land, and therefore redistribution of goods in a short time cannot be thought of.

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diesel rationing

The Italians are doing their best by putting edible oils instead of diesel into the engine. but this In addition to being prohibited by law, it is also dangerous For the engine itself because the high viscosity of these oils can easily damage our engines. In such a scenario, savings is the key word. Preferring public transportation is good for both our wallet and the system in general and has an urgent need to make inventory last as long as possible. This is indeed the challenge that governments face: In the absence of alternative channels, and in the hope that the crisis will erupt, consumption must be curtailed.

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