Because it still dominates television

Because it still dominates television

The mourning suits Electra, but Maurizio didn’t want him to match Maria. There is an indomitable morality in dignity Marie d Felipe, in tears swallowed by a sense of duty and a desire to return to work after the terrible death of her husband. Maria – exhausted with pain – reopens her personal shutter friends on Saturday evening. And he threw his heart at the hurdle and entered the program “as taught” by Maurizio Costanzo; And for Maurizio himself, Maria’s bulimia pays homage to the legendary work that lasted until the last breath of a hospital bed. friends It’s not just a TV show. He is the perfect anxiolyte for Maria and at the same time the secular church of Italian leisure. When she launched it (with a 1992 commercial done by a very sympathetic Lella Costa at the helm, and later, a 2001 preview with Daniele Bossari as lead), De Filippi was already a solid, established author behind the camera. And on that occasion, he invented something not previously found in nature on Italian television.

They will be famous
It was a talk show dedicated to teens and twenty-somethings and their complex relationship with their peers and parents. It was a good start. Then, gradually, this life story was grafted into the plot of a historical film – and then a TV movie – by Alan Parker in 1980’s Fim; It is there in the name of They will be famous The format found its way in and became a springboard for talent to be injected into the world of television, recording, dance and theatre. I remember the novice teachers of that pioneering period: from Pino Ensigno to Vioretta Marie, from Garrison to Pepe Vesicchio, to the Albanian dancer Clyde, all baptized by the “school” headmaster Bruno Foglino taken from the boarding house where Ray landed. Legendary scouting ability. today friends It is a very oily war machine. The three new referees for this evening are Michele Bravi, Giuseppe Giuffre, and the ubiquitous Cristiano Malgioglio. And it will all be consumed, no doubt, in the listeners’ usual riot and turbulent hearts, while Maria’s half smile and sideways glance will set up the rest of the show.

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However, many of us are old enough to remember when the show was forced to change its title, because the production company of the American show of the same name threatened a copyright infringement lawsuit. So they became friends of Maria de Felipe, almost immediately friends. Singer Denise Fantina won the first edition, Valeria Monetti and Monica Hill ate the stage, and today, respectively, they became a good actress and an excellent singer Ramazzotti. Amici also had the indisputable merit of giving new life to Italian films. He started with the success of Marco Carta in 2008, whose invitation to Sanremo (which he won) shattered the glass ceiling of the bitter rivalry between Mediaset and RAI. Maria, thanks to cooperation with record companies, lit up the market. Life is back on the market, featuring the voices of Alessandra Amoruso, Emma, ​​Bird, David, Valerio Scanno and Annalisa, all the new pop stars who helped revive – together with their counterparts from the X Factor – also the Sanremo Festival, which had fallen into a listening crisis.

always changing
Amici, in two decades, has changed the rules, the mechanics of the competition, the barrier exams, the champions, the guests (everyone was in that group, from Emanuele Filiberto to Al Pacino). Above all, it changed its format often, to adapt to the times and the needs of the schedule. friends, in this sense it was also a tactical weapon. For example, in 2009, after the conclusion of Ameche 8, Maria stayed on the air for another seven Saturdays with castings from the ninth edition; And in doing so, demonically, he was able to annihilate in the cradle of the Italian Academy 2, Raidue’s newly born talent. friends stay in Big brother Like Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. And our rider is always there to tell us that. Welcome back, Mary.

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