Staying in traffic for too long makes you stupid, science says so!

Staying in traffic for too long makes you stupid, science says so!

Spending too much time in traffic makes you stupid: a Canadian study actually revealed that traffic damages some brain functions causing serious problems.

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The frantic pace of modern life has led to the increasing dependence on cars and the consequent increase in traffic on the roads. While the congestion passage Urban mobility has always been a challenge for urban mobility, and a recent study sheds light on it Negative effects That could be time spent in traffic on our brains and our cognitive abilities.

A study shows that traffic makes you stupid

Staying in traffic for too long makes you stupid, science says so!
Photo by xegxef – Pixabay

A group of researchers from Canada I recently presented a groundbreaking finding that highlights the effects of short-term exposure to traffic pollution on brain function. This study sheds light on a previously uninvestigated link between air quality and cognition.

The main goal of the Canadian research was to assess how this happenedPollution from vehicles affect a group of Cortical areas connected to the brainWhich plays a very important role in cognitive processing, memory, and emotional experiences.

Details about the study

The scientists have expressed their intention to study the effects of traffic pollution on human brain function, with particular attention to exposure to diesel emissions. Using a highly innovative method for assessing exhaust gas exposure, the researchers conducted an experiment With the participation of 25 peopleWith priority commitment to preserving the health of the participants.

The subjects participating in the study were subjected to a short but carefully structured exposure diesel emissionsfollowed by a measurement of brain activity before and after this exposure. The results obtained were startling and alarming.

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Data analysis revealed that brief exposure to diesel emissions led to: Significant decrease in brain activity in the participants. In particular, a decrease in functional connectivity was observed between different regions of the brain, which is critical for normal brain function.

The implications for the cognitive system are important

These changes in brain activity have been shown to be associated with health-related issues Psychological healthincluding depression, with decreased cognitive ability. This situation raises significant concerns about the effects of air pollution on people’s thought process and productivity.

It is important to note that the trial was based on a sample of only 25 individuals, which may limit its statistical representativeness. However, this test, along with a growing body of epidemiological investigations and preclinical studies linking air pollution to various neurodegenerative diseases, appears to provide unprecedented evidence of the direct effects of air pollution on the human brain.

For now, one of the concrete steps we can take is to ensure that the air filtration system in our cars is in top condition. Also, when we are driving, we can use GPS navigation systems to avoid crowded areas and, if possible, consider choosing less crowded routes when walking or cycling through crowded streets.

Staying in traffic for too long makes you stupid, according to science: pics and pics

Spending too much time in traffic makes you dumber, according to some scientific research. We’ve seen many details in this article, but for further exploration we suggest scrolling through the gallery we’ve created below.

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