“I decline the offer and move on”: freezing shower Milan | Skip the most important deal

“I decline the offer and move on”: freezing shower Milan |  Skip the most important deal

Stefano Pioli (ANSA) – Jmania.it

Big disappointment for Milan: the offer was rejected and thus the most important deal was cancelled. Here’s what happens.

This may be the most difficult moment for Stefano Pioli since he sat on Milan’s bench. Despite the reality The results are simply extraordinary What the Rossoneri coach has achieved in recent years, in the world of football there does not seem to be room for gratitude, and the number of fans demanding his release increases with every defeat.

However, Milan is still performing according to expectations in the league, despite the defeats it suffered in the Champions League, most recently against Borussia Dortmund. Which may have led to the team being excluded from the groupThere may be a tendency to overestimate the squad that Pioli has.

In fact the technician is criticized as if he had done it A team made up of established champions Who cannot succeed in any way. This is not the case, although it must be said that although the attacks on the Italian coach are excessive, there is something broken in his relationship with the players.

Of course, if Milan loses the next tournament matches, His dismissal becomes a possibilityBecause until now, The Rossoneri did little to protect him From some criticism.

Pioli’s bench is shaking

A sign that the desire to make a change to the bench, perhaps not during the run but at the end of the season, is already in the club’s thoughts. Milan continues to move in the market, After the large purchasing campaign that took place this summerwhich included more than ten new players to the team.

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An ambitious cardinal project, It can be said that the foundations of a young and strong team, with a well-defined transfer philosophy, were laid during the last transfer window. Now, if anything, some key pieces need to be brought in, given Bennacer’s injury And the emergency in the defensive section.

Benoit Badiashile

Benoit Badiashelli (ANSA) – Jmania.it

Disappointment in Milan, transfer target disappears

Without forgetting how the team needs a replacement for Giroud, given Jovic’s extremely unknown performance. But the priority remains to add a defender, which is why Moncada continues to follow very carefully Chelsea’s young talent Benoit Badiashile.

It seems that the Rossoneri management have already made progress The first show for the London club, Which was however rejected. We now need to understand whether the Rossoneri wants to restart, and whether Chelsea will truly accept losing them during the current season.

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