Now it’s a deal

Now it’s a deal

The month of November that promises to be full of offers, also thanks to the approaching Black Friday, he couldn’t miss,iPhone 14king The most hidden dreams of millions of Italians. Now the Apple smartphone first appeared on the market just over a month ago and we’re finally seeing it Also available on Amazon With very exciting discounts. And today just touch a all-new low Which soon made it one of the best selling smartphones on the e-commerce site. We find it, in fact, with one 80 euro discount There is also the possibility Pay it in installments without interest. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy the iPhone 14, today has arrived.

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The Apple smartphone doesn’t need much of an introduction. It has unique features, ensures very high performance and is constantly updated with new features. The last chronological order is New working mode allowing you Ultra stable video recording Even in the most complex circumstances. The offer is really tempting and that’s why we advise you to take advantage of it right away: for some colors stocks are already running out.

iPhone 14: Technical sheet

The “basic” iPhone 14 is the cheapest model among the models that Apple launched this year. However, the economic is not in line with the poor. The smartphone always remains one of the most performing phones in circulation and guarantees excellent performance. Merit of one data sheet Don’t mind compromise: The Cupertino company has equipped its flagship machines with the best components available on the market.

starting from 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR display with OLED technology For stunning contrast and absolute black. The resolution is very high and so is the color fidelity. and the True Tone Technology It automatically adjusts brightness according to the ambient light, to protect eyestrain as well. Under the body we find A15 Bionic processorThe same is also found on the iPhone 13 Pro. To support 128GB of memory, it is enough just to save photos, pictures and work documents.

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iPhone differs from the crowd also and above all for the quality of the photographic sector. This is also the case in this regard iPhone 14. In the back we find the innovative solution with Dual imaging sensor placed diagonally. Both 12MP cameras Ensure high quality photos and videos. The feature is also from many of the modes that we find in the camera app, like a completely new one Work status Designed specifically for video on the go. There are also improvements to the Cinema mode that debuted last year.

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Compared to the past, Apple has also focused on improving autonomy: now it gets to the end of the day without too many problems. And the credit is also iOS 16 Which also brings with it interesting news about usability: it is now possible to customize the lock screen with images, widgets, and control activity rings.

iPhone 14 offered on Amazon: price and discount

Super offer at a big discount for iPhone 14. Today we find it in Price 949 €, for the first time below the threshold of 950 euros. The Discount 80 euros, a figure that is nothing but contempt for a smartphone that has been on the market for a very short time and which is above all an iPhone. Amazon also offers an option Pay it in installments without interest Using the service on the page: 5 installments of 189.80 € per month. Availability is immediate and delivery is done very quickly.

The device is available in multiple colors.

iPhone 14 - White

iPhone 14 - Light Blue

iPhone 14 - Black

iPhone 14 - Purple

iPhone 14 - Red

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