May 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The Division: Heartland, closed beta has been announced along with a trailer and video diary

Division: Heartland He was among the protagonists of tonight’s Ubisoft livestream, in which the French house was announced closed beta The game and opening recordings and posting Trailer and video diary To introduce this new free trial in detail.

The Division: Heartland was announced about a year ago Multiplayer shooter It is set in a fictitious rural community in the United States of America, where we control a division agent called to defend the area from the attack of hostile forces.

there introductory sequence In cinematic style, it accurately introduces us to the setting and characters of The Division: Heartland, and continues to close the details of the closed beta, which can be registered for. By visiting the official website of the game And enter your data, as well as the reference platform.

As far as the video diary is concerned, it is a very detailed rendering of the title, which starts from the solid foundations of The Division to provide us with a multiplayer shooter experience with undoubted possibilities, equipped with different modes and a large amount of weapons and items to unlock.

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