US warning: ‘China is developing atomic weapons too quickly’

US warning: ‘China is developing atomic weapons too quickly’

China is “developing its nuclear program much faster than the United States.” The alarm bell comes from the admiral, Charles Richard Which, according to CNN reports, warned of the progress of Beijing in the field. Richard called this problem a “short-term problem”.

“While I am evaluating our level of deterrence against ChinaThe ship is slowly sinking, the head of the US Military Strategic Command said. “It’s sinking slowly, but it’s sinking, because they basically deploy abilities faster than us.” “No matter how good our plan is. Operational or how good our commanders are, or how good our forces are – we will never have enough.” Richard spoke during a speech at the Naval Submarine Association annual symposium, the event was closed to the public, but his comments were published today in a Department of Defense article .

Another expert told CNN that China, the commander said, is “the only competitor with the intent and capacity to increasingly systematically challenge the United States in all areas, militarily, economically, technically and diplomatically.” While according to the Nuclear Posture Review, Beijing “probably intends to have at least 1,000 warheads that could be launched by the end of the decade.”

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