San Siro, Inter and Milan project blocked: “Announce the opposition!”

San Siro, Inter and Milan project blocked: “Announce the opposition!”

Carlo Mongozzia member of the Municipal Council of the Greens, held a press conference with other colleagues from the majority to reiterate the opposition destroy From San Siro. project Inter And the Milanwhich will need center-right votes for approval.

Here is his statement via a Facebook post:

‘Huge political problem’

“Today I announce eight of the majority directors (Mongozzi, Guerini, Kochiara, Gyeonji, Pantaleo, D’Amico, Fumagalli and Federige) Opposition to the San Siro project. This means that center-right votes will be required in the classroom to pass this disaster. Seems to me a huge political problem“.

San Siro Milan Inter

My kids don’t like it: “San Siro can’t be touched!”

only yesterday Vittorio my little boythe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, declared his absolute opposition to the demolition of the factory:

“The mezza can’t be touched And Al-Soghrabi does not say it, but it is the law. The history of San Siro dates back to 1926, BCIt would be like hitting the euro in Rome So it is naturally restricted because the restriction will be automatic after the age of 70, and it cannot be eliminated. If you need a bond I’ll put it up. But you don’t need a bond to save him, if it takes a decision from the ministry to tell him to drop him and he will never come. He will never come from the ministry“.

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