Nova Editorial Moll publishes the game “Rondaulles”

Nova Editorial Moll publishes the game “Rondaulles”

Creating each or every collection, one, two or many new tales of Mallorca is what the new board game allows Rondaulis, Created and published by Anthony Caldente, Perry Anthony Bensar and Mireya Oliver Nova Tahrir Mall. It will be presented on Saturday, February 3 at noon at the Antoni Maria Alcover Public Foundation, in Manacor (12 Carrer Bari Andrew Fernandez), as part of a new edition of Alcover Week, in honor of the “Anthony Memory”. Maria Alcover, “Jordi de Raco”, author of the bookRondaies mallorca pool. The presentation will include a participatory workshop by Bensar and Caldente, with the possibility of registration

Six dice, with 36 cute characters, monsters, animals, scenarios and objects from the gamegathering, allowing the invention of an infinite number of new stories, combining, by chance and creativity of the participants, elements of traditional fables. Each story can begin with any of the six dice drawings, and connect them to the rest, until the narrative is complete.

This is a toy recommended for ages six and up. Aside from its fun function, it is a valuable tool for different groups: students of all educational levels who want to work on oral expression with small group dynamics; Children, youth and adults who want to practice vocabulary in the Catalan language; Families who want to pass on this wonderful cultural heritage and who want to enhance expressive language skills at the same time; Students of Catalan courses. and conversation or improvisational theater groups, among others. Rondaulles can be found in bookstores and on the Nova Editorial Mall website, at the link

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Web It provides a whole host of resources, such as opening formulas, such as the classics “Aixòera i noera…” or “Devers l'any tiurany…”, and endings, such as “And this is the rondala. -If you like it, eat it toasted; if you don't… “You like it, throw it off the roof”; In addition to a description of each character, their characteristics, the legends in which they appear, and illustrations from the classic Moll edition.

Mallorcan tales represent a heritage treasure of exceptional value, preserved and collected by Father Alcover, based on the stories transmitted to him by 246 storytellers from 33 localities in Mallorca. It has been used over generations as a primer for reading in Catalan and is linked to the oral traditions of the whole world. Nova Editorial Moll recently completed the annotated version ofgathering, by philologist Josep A. Grimalt and Jaume Guiscaffire.

Rondaulis It is a project conceived by a creative team composed of three teachers active in the educational system of the Balearic Islands: Antoni Caldente Vicens (Villafranca de Bonanni, 1974), responsible for the conception and documentation of the game; Perry Anthony Bensar Albons (Filanetics, 1975), a web designer and enthusiastic tester, and Mireya Olivier Dufour (Palma, 1983), an illustrator. The three form a team of experts in the field of games and authors of other projects aimed at stimulating knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage of the Balearic Islands in the classroom.

Rondaulis It was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the State of Catalonia and the Council of Mallorca.

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