The dead was Gianni Mena, journalist and presenter at the age of 84 –

The dead was Gianni Mena, journalist and presenter at the age of 84 –

Gianni Mena has passed away at the age of 84 After a short heart disease. This was announced by the Facebook profile of the well-known journalist and TV presenter.

Post on Facebook

“He left us after a short heart illness. He was never left alone, surrounded by the love of his family and close friends. Special thanks to Professor Fioranelli and the staff of the Villa del Rosario clinic who gave us the freedom to say goodbye calmly.”


Born in Turin, he began his career as a journalist in 1959 at Tuttosport, while the following year he made his debut at Rai where he collaborated on the creation of sports reports on the Olympic Games in Rome (1960). After landing in the sports magazine “Sprint” directed by Maurizio Barendson, starting in 1965, he worked on documentaries and investigations for several programs, including “Tv7”, “AZ, un fact how and why”, “Dribbling” and “ Odeon. Whatever Makes a Show” and “Gulliver.”

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He founded, together with Renzo Arbor and Maurizio Barndson, “L’Ultra Dominica”, and in 1976 he was appointed by “TG2” directed by Andrea Barbato. In 1981 he won the “Premio Saint Vincent” award as the best television journalist of the year. After collaborating with Giovanni Mignoli in “Mixer”, he made his debut as the host of “Blitz”, a Raidue program of which he was also the author, welcoming such guests as Eduardo De Filippo, Federico Fellini, Jane Fonda, Enzo Ferrari and Gabriel García Márquez.

Mina followed eight FIFA World Cups and seven Olympics, in addition to dozens of world boxing championships, including historic tournaments from the time of Muhammad Ali wrote a book about him. In 1987, Mina became famous all over the world Sixteen hour interview with Fidel CastroCuban President, for a documentary film based on the book: The Report Titled Fidel talks about Che.


very much me Social messages of condolence, among which politics stand out. “We lose one original reporterAttentive and never vulgar, a man who loved culture »: like this Gennaro SangiolianoMinister of Culture Gianni Mena remembers; to Joseph Conte, President of M5S, the famous journalist was «a giant who had the courage and perseverance to tell the dreams and hardships of Latin America, of the ‘miserables of the earth’, always on the side of the lesser and ready to give them a voice»; The Senate president’s comment was “without a doubt among the best in its field.” Ignatius no RussaWhile it was about the Minister of Defense Guido Crocito Mina represented “a reference for Italian culture and journalism”. “You have been one of the most important and most cultured voices in our country,” the position of Vice President of the Chamber Sergio Costa; Speaker of the House of Representatives Lorenzo Fontana Mina celebrated as “a master of Italian journalism. His documentaries are unforgettable, as are his famous interviews with eminent international personalities.” “A great Italian journalist who was able to narrate this sport, and not only it, with great passion and love” is a memory Daniela SantanchMinister of Tourism.

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