Balearic Islands strengthens network of health centers “Health Promoters”

Balearic Islands strengthens network of health centers “Health Promoters”

the Ministry of Health It was presented to the management teams of hospitals, health centers and patient associations, From the process program Health centers that promote health, which are jointly promoted by the General Directorate of Public Health and the Health Service. The main goal of this program is to create a network of hospitals, health centres, health social centers and other health institutions that work to promote these spaces as safe and healthy environments, both for patients and their families and for the people who work there.

At an event held in Cannes Campaner, chaired by the Minister of Health, Manuela García, and attended by more than eighty health professionals, managers, healthcare staff and representatives of patient associations, the main persons in charge of the programme, María Ramos, Public Health Technician and Explainer, and Gabriel Rojo, Deputy Director of the Humanization Department User care and training in the health service, the main lines of PROCESA.

This program aims to integrate the culture of health promotion, disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles into healthcare environments, and will work along three lines: users and families, healthcare professionals and healthy and sustainable healthcare environments.

Today, most diseases are related to people's lifestyle and living conditions. For this reason, one of the goals that PROCESA will work on will be to include preventive health messages in medical consultations, for users and families depending on their lifestyle, so that medical and nursing professionals can complement the patient's information. Patience in a global way.

Issues such as working conditions, tobacco and alcohol consumption, type of food, physical activity, and neighborhood or housing characteristics contribute to effective disease prevention and health promotion and can be more easily addressed. They are addressed in health care settings themselves. Counseling and hospitalization provide opportunities to reflect on and modify some of these aspects.

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On the other hand, PROCESA will also promote the health and well-being of healthcare professionals. Nurturing professionals with initiatives of various kinds, such as providing spaces for physical activity or facilitating healthy eating and a safe environment, is another priority of a program that seeks to sustain the healthcare system.

The health-promoting health centers will be health-promoting spaces, free of smoke and alcohol, promoting the Mediterranean diet and facilitating physical activity and well-being.

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