Fiorello, Costanzo tribute to If telephoning notes – Culture & Shows

Fiorello, Costanzo tribute to If telephoning notes – Culture & Shows

A touching tribute to If phoneing notes, to Maurizio Costanzo. Fiorello wanted to dedicate the preview of Viva Rai2 to the journalist who died last Friday at the age of 84, on the day of the solemn funeral.

Fiorello’s tweet

Alone in the street, at the crack of dawn, Fiorello addressed Costanzo directly. “Hi Maurizio, do you know that I have been thinking about this moment for three days since you left, and that I have been thinking about what I am going to say about you, without being vulgar, redundant or unknowing… They have been talking about you for three days, saying wonderful things about you , about the great guy that I was, and how you’ve revolutionized the world of television and how you’ve changed the lives of a lot of people who do this work, me first, and so I also wanted to try and be funny, because I know how much you love to laugh. And we had fun. We did. Everything–he remembers smiling–we did The Blues Brothers, I made you do Portos of the Four Musketeers, we danced cha-cha, I played pretend saxophone; we did funny things. We laughed at things that meant nothing to others, but we laughed at silly things. And now I Here to do it show, and today I want to put on the funniest show in your honor.”
“I want to pay tribute to you by singing, obviously, your most famous song, ‘Se telephoning’ which they sang in a thousand ways these days. But do you remember how I told you?” I can’t do things like I can’t do, nobody can. I will sing it, with Maestro Cremonese, for you, for Maria, for your children, Gabrielle, Camila, Saverio; To say “Thank you, Mr. Costanzo”. Do you remember that’s what I used to call you? Then one day you said to me “Mo, you broke your balls with Mr. Costanzo, call me Maurizio”.
Hi Maurizio, thanks for everything,” Fiorello concluded, before singing – with bright eyes – the famous song that Costanzo wrote for Mina in 1966.

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