Jarabe de Palo's Pau Donés tribute tour adds a second concert in Barcelona in 2024

Jarabe de Palo's Pau Donés tribute tour adds a second concert in Barcelona in 2024

Three years after the death of Pau Donis, Trunk recordsorganized his own independent record label Tour in tribute to the singer Jarabe de Palo Which will pass through nearly twenty cities across the state and which will allow his fans to relive his songs played by his old band and three surprise singers. After concert tickets on April 16 at Gas light roomRound added The second concert is on April 26th And Barcelona.

According to the record company, the concept of the initiative was to design and produce a project to honor the character of Donis through seventeen of his most famous songs. It is played by his band and performed by new emerging talents. The show will showcase the different musical stages that Jarabe de Palo went through during his 24 years on stage.

The concert will be accompanied by video presentations referring to the artist, in addition to a custom lighting design, which will provide a special atmosphere at every moment of the concert. Barcelona will not be the only Catalan city through which the tour passes, however She will also set foot in Girona and Lleida and, And now also Tarragona.

The band's last concerts

The Jarabe de Palo band that will perform at all concerts will be the same band with which Pau Donis held his last concerts in 2017, and the charity concerts in 2018 and 2019. in addition to, The group has incorporated a new percussionist To include the most Latin part of the artist's beginnings.

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What songs will they play?

Although they have not yet published the official “setlist” for the tour, which will begin in February 2024, the record label has announced that the band has prepared the songs not as they sound recorded but with specific show arrangements that have been made special, such as “skinny girl” to “Don't Shoot the Pianist” from RTVE in 2008; “Screaming” I 'Depends on' From the 2014 Atlanta concert; “Two days in the life” For El País' 25th anniversary concert in Madrid in 2001; 'Sleep with me'Transcript of live concert in Zaragoza in 1998; I 'The dark side' From the concert at Sala Bikini in 1998, among many other releases.

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