Four Days of Science, Culture and Society at Cosmos 2022

Four Days of Science, Culture and Society at Cosmos 2022

in the starting line Festival “Cosmos 2022”, Four days of scientific publishing with promotion and support The metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria In close cooperation with Pythagoras Planetariumunder the scientific guidance of a panel of internationally renowned scholars and scientists.

This morning, Tuesday 27 September, at Palazzo Alvaro the official presentation of the extremely rich program of events, activities and initiatives that From September 29 to October 2 It will include Reggio Calabria and the metropolitan area. To clarify the details of the event the Acting Mayor of the Capital City, Carmelo Versacemember of the city council delegated for culture, Filippo Quartucciodirector of sector 2 of the capital city, Giusepina Atanasiothe teacher Angela MessianoDirector of the Pythagorean Planetarium and members of the Scientific Committee Gianfranco Burton (in a video link from Amsterdam) H Lucia Futano. Present, among others, City Council Commissioner for Education, Rudy Lizzy.

A major event at the international level, which will transform Reggio Calabria and the entire metropolitan area into a Huge container for science and cultureVersace stated at the opening, “It is nice – he added – that this exhibition is intertwined with the beginning of the Biennale dello Stretto, in synergy with the metropolitan city MessinaWe’ll always start this week.”

“There are great expectations and a great desire to do a good job, not only in Reggio but also in the other important communities involved, Silla, Lochri and Natell, making this prestigious event a roving moment to relaunch and enhance the region. For the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, it is another step towards Emphasizing and strengthening the central role Inside the Mediterraneanas a very attractive place for the most important Italian and world cultural circles.”

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“A path born on the basis of the contribution of Mayor Giuseppe Falcomata already in 2018 and which today continues to grow within the framework of a large and reliable institutional partnership that includes, in addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Education, also the local authorities, the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, the school, university and trusted research and study centers. There A commitment – concluded Versace – aimed at making this event Institutional appointment That he can have the perspective and solidity he deserves.”

“Cosmos is already today, for all intents and purposes, the largest scientific cultural event in the South – as noted by Quartuccio – and is taking place in Reggio Calabria thanks to the foresight of those who wanted to create this great opportunity for our city. It is our duty to thank the Professor in this regard Burton, He is also the scientific coordinator of the event and all professionals of the highest caliber who will take care of the planned initiatives. Truly broad participation of urban lands, communities, places, and cultural sites. A date that puts us in one International Scenario It reaffirms the great work that the metropolitan city is doing on the cultural front through a targeted planning activity that is much needed by the authority and the sector and through significant investments that this year alone amount to about one million euros for artistic and cultural activities “.

Then the teacher spoke of a very strong emotion Messiano, highlighting “the tremendous work done by local institutions in recent years, and offering a tangible sign of commitment that satisfies the path taken by many Teachers, researchers and students To seize this great opportunity. Cosmos has all the qualifications to establish himself as an essential event for this land and for the whole of southern Italy.”

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The professor also expressed his satisfaction they vote who highlighted “the high quality level of the works that occupies the center of this edition and Five of the finalists They are all exceptional and deserve our praise. The Cosmos is an event of great importance not only for Reggio Calabria because this program places it as a reference among science festivals at the national level. Its true value lies in the ability to disseminate knowledge and innovation, which are essential components of any hypothesis regarding economic development and social growth.”

Also strong affection between the organizers and the scientists involved, finally note Burton“A festival that is of immense importance and can have a very powerful impact on our youth first and foremost.”

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