Calligraphy Day | In the bible workshop

Calligraphy Day |  In the bible workshop

The Piedmont Department of the Italian Graphic Society (AGI), at the Turin office, is organizing a day dedicated to graphology on Saturday 24 September, from 9 a.m., at Officina della Screttura in Strada Comunale da Bertolla to Abbadia di Stura nr. 200 in Turin.
From 9 to 13, the meeting is open to everyone (by reservation) on the topic “From writing to graphology – a science in the service of man”. The areas of application for this specialization will be clarified. Pleasant coffee break, as an exhilarating moment with our professional calligraphy experts and speakers at this meeting.

From 12:30 visit the Museum of the Bible, always in the same building. The first museum dedicated to the mark, through a major project that testifies to the birth and development of an extraordinary invention, that of written communication. After the lunch break, in the afternoon, educational and promotional workshops will be organized to introduce line discipline and other activities. For information and reservations by September 20, write to: [email protected] or call nr. 3286935115

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