Women in Science, Winchee Energy Course for High Schools

Women in Science, Winchee Energy Course for High Schools

Ostia (Rome), 8 March. (askanews) — In Italy, only one girl out of six chooses a university course geared towards science and technology majors, the so-called STEM, and of those, only 19% of those take an ICT course. Based on this, VINCI Energies Italia launched the project “VINCI Accreditation Program”, designed for Italian families and schools with the aim of starting a real cultural revolution.

The first edition of the format starts from Rome, where three secondary schools have joined, two of which are in Ostia. The course with the schools of Democrito and Labriola was offered right on the Romanian coast, in the seat of the municipality of X which played the role of liaison between the schools and the company.

“We are trying to carry out a cultural revolution – stressed Rossella Alfieri, Head of Communications and Marketing at VINCI Energies Italia – we have realized that in our ICT-connected world the work team is more male than hetero. This is because we still live with the problem of stereotypes that girls often choose humanities rather than scientific subjects.

So 16 girls took part in the project, a journey of around 70 hours during which in-depth theoretical and practical training was given.

Rossella Alfieri added, “One of our goals is to develop talent, in the sense of giving a voice to these people through continuous training.”

X municipality’s contribution is significant. Angela Mastrantoni, Adviser for Schools and Youth Policies, reiterated: “The town hall believes that there can be no differences related to gender or other differences. So projects aimed at eliminating this gap that already exists will always have our full political support.” municipality.

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He added, “Unfortunately, the difference between the sexes is still very much felt, and we, as a municipality, must break those existing stereotypes that women are often not talented in certain things, while in fact women are skilled and endowed with everything,” Silvia Fiorucci, Chair of the Equivalence Commission Municipal X opportunities.

The initiative was also attended by Giovanni Zanola, advisor to Roma Capitale, as well as principals and girls who follow the course.

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