Juve messages and his colleagues

Juve messages and his colleagues

as i always say, You can cry and complain or face the situation head on And appear stronger. It’s been 31 years since I chose the second path and it works. If needed, there will be 25 hours of healing time to recover in time to play even a minute. while, My energies will be with my teammates Every moment of the game and I wish that for every Brazilian! There is less and less left to return! Thanks for all the messagesAnd so, in the wake of the ankle sprain he suffered in Brazil and Serbia, the resilient Juventus defender and the national team’s green-gold Daniel Show optimism On your Instagram account about the immediate return to the field.

Danilo, Messages from Bremer, Alex Sandro, Neymar and Juventus

You will come back stronger brother‘ is the comment he left Primer at the bottom of Danilo’s post, followed by the Alex Sandro – Two hands undercut the height of double five – The official account of Juventus, white heart, black heart, and arm curving muscles. Among the comrades – black, white, green and gold – who gathered around the former Real Madrid and Manchester City, There is also Neymar was injured toowho writes:Come on, we’ll get out of this together“And Vinicius chooses”Come on brother! Have faith!“.

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Brazilian doctor: “Neymar and Danilo? That’s how they are”

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